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Found 4 results

  1. When key press over the list box (multiselect and ordered), the item is selected, but the scroll doesn´t move to that item. Ex. Press G words from the keyboard and listbox stays same as before, but, if manually scroll the list until found an item beginning with G, that item seems selected! How move the scroll programatically until the selected item?
  2. Hi, Let's say i have 3 columns in UniDBGrid Row No | ColA | ColB 1 111 + 2 222 + 3 333 - ........ if cursor point on row that ColA Value = '222', i need to disable UniDBGrid key press I Think ExtJS Event can handle this, but not sure how do i call js function function keypress(e, t, eOpts) { var me = MainForm.UniDBGrid1; // not sure how to get dbgrid value in JS // ex. if Dataset.fieldByName('ColA').AsString = '222' then // Key := #0 } Thank you
  3. Hello everyone! I'm trying to use the keyPress DBEdit, but is not working. In a DBEdit, I have to create a formula (using parser.pas), but want the user to only enter numbers and some specific letters, the formula. I tried to do the following below, but is not working. procedure TForm.UniDBEdit1KeyPress(Sender: TObject; var Key: Char); begin // + - * / ^ [ ] ( ) if not (Key in ['0'..'9','Q','P','V', 'L','D', 'M', #43, #45, #42, #47, #94,#91, #93, #40, #41, #8]) then begin key := 0; <-- error
  4. I have a TuniEdit with an OnKeyPress event. It seems to work fine and get all the chars I'm interested in including the CR<#13>. HOWEVER, it appears that the BACKSPACE<#08> character is totally ignored. So, basically, my event never gets called when the user is using the backspace to ALTER the contents of the field. Luckily, the onChange event DOES happen as I change the edit field with the backspace key. Very wierd the that OnChange recognizes the keypress, but the OnKeyPress does NOT. Am I missing something? Davie
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