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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, my hyperserver is constantly crashing and looking at the log I found some messages. What could cause this kind of problem? Note: the system uses a threadtimer with a 1 minute interval to check notifications for users, and I noticed that when this feature is active the incidence of this problem happens more frequently. attached is the generated log file. A2021-04-08.log
  2. Hi, I had an issue with hyperserver which previously worked fine. I uninstalled everything of FM uniGUI on my server, I noticed there were still a few directories of uniGUI in my program files directory, so I deleted them manually. Then I installed the runtime package, the themes package and the hyper server config package of the latest uniGUI version on my server. My uniGUI application works fine, but I still get a blank screen when I want to open the hyperserver, even after restarting IIS. But when I look closer at the installed files, I cannot find the hyperserver files
  3. I need help with my application I'm having this error Project1.exe: 000015F8: 11:16:04 []: EUniSessionException: Invalid session or session timeout. (Session not found: 23_VVwFj8bixu1079F49B9): Addr: $ 00767622 the application is over 300 simultaneous accesses, but it is not taking it anymore, what can I do more with the hyperserver to improve?
  4. Мне нужно построить список сессий. При традиционном способе я использовал UniServerModule.SessionManager.Sessions, но в HyperServer этот способ уже не подходит, так как он видит сессии в рамках своего узла. Подскажите как построить список всех сессий их всех узлов?
  5. Hi, I'm using IIS 10, Hyper_Server with my application. When I run application in standalone mode, response looks like: most important: HTTP/1.1 200 OK But when I use IIS + hyper_server, response is WITHOUT "OK" ... HTTP/1.1 200 Embeded device is waiting for that OK also, response is not parsed. Can you please help me ? Thanks. HTTP/1.1 200 OK Connection: close Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Length: 4 Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2020 10:10:04 GMT Server: New Application OK|0 HTTP/1.1 200 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-as
  6. Greetings, Currently, we are working on a application that already has a server setup (Windows Server 2012) loading a project like client-server adopting IIS and HyperServer (along side uniGUI), and these one's are been configured into DataSnap. But, a few days ago, my application starts to freezing and crash, and it's necessary to restart them again. uniGUI it's already attached into HyperSever and stablished correctly into client. By the way, we have DataSnap in Server-Side (case this one will crash) all our services it will stop. And i would like to know if there's any ki
  7. Esteemed, We are working in production with a windows server 2012 server, IIS and HyperServer, greatly improved performance and instability, but sometimes during the day the crash occurs. Attachments: index.cfg, log index.dll, and logs for some nodes, The errors started at 13:49:12 version uniGUI I appreciate the collaboration. index.cfg index.dll A2020-06-18.log n0 A2020-06-18.log n1 A2020-06-18.log n2 A2020-06-18.log
  8. Hello, for "SSL Support in HyperServer" i found http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/ssl-support-in-hyperserver.htm but now i have more questions as before ;-) i have a apache webserver running without https - i want to run it just over https what must i do in \apache\config\httpd.conf \apache\conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf what must i do in delphi - server module? what must i do in [unigui_application_name_1].ssl.cfg what must i do in [unigui_application_name_1].cfg (do i need both Hyperserver Configfiles????) i have 2 unigui-apps on the
  9. I have a Standalone-Server application that uses a shared-variable in the ServerModule. Using the shared variable works as expected if I run the application without HyperServer. However if I run it through the HyperServer each session only sees its own changes to the shared variable and not the changes made by other sessions.The shared variable I am using is a simple counter (integer) that can be incremented by any session. After incrementing the counter within any session I can verify that it has been updated correctly. However other sessions do not see the increment. I am using the Crit
  10. Hi all, we would like to adopt HyperServer in our production environment, and we are undecided between: - ISAPI Module Mode with Apache - Windows Service Mode UniGUI documentation states that both methods are suitable for production, we would like to know which one is the best in terms of: - performance - robustness And what are the advantages/drawbacks of the two methods ? Many thanks to anybody will share their experience/knowledge to help us choose the best solution. Andrea
  11. I would like to communicate with the servvermodule of node zero from the rest of the nodes, I think one possibility is through the HTTPCommand event. That is, from another node make a get request to the URL The question is .... the zero node port is always the "start port" of the cfg file? Thank you
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