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Found 10 results

  1. Добрый день! В отчет не подгружается данные из объекта "RichText". Может есть решение данной проблемы? или отказаться от использование "RichText". test.7z
  2. Hello Friends... I am developing an UniGUI application that uses FastReport (frxReport & frxPDFExport components). The ISAPI App work properly in IIS 7.5 (Windows 7); But when I deployed my App on IIS 10 (Windows 10), when the App want to Exporting PDF, fully stopping working (Without any Exception). Exception is in this line: frxRreport.ExportPDF(frxPDFExport); This issue solve when I Using FastReport version 4; But I need higher version in my project (5 or 6). Notice: I give Full Permission to IIS directoy for IIS_USRS & IUSR; So PDF file created in Cache
  3. How can this be done in c++? Can you give a c++ code sample? Thanks FastReport is a popular reporting tool for Delphi and C++ Builder. In the previous section we described general guidelines for using FastReport components in a uniGUI application. Some recent findings have shown that special care must be taken to ensure that FastReport runs in a compatible mode with uniGUI and its multi-threaded environment. Avoid using FastReport global dataset list Global dataset is a collection used by FastReport
  4. Hello, we are using UNIGUI since one year. We need to know what reporting systems are working within UNIGUI: - SAP Crystal Reports (we use in other Applications) - Fast-Reports (we know, implement this - but too complicate for our Customers) - QuickReports - ReportBuilder - List And Label 1. Should be intuitive to design reports (without knowing DELPHI) 2. Must be work within UNIGUI 3. Must be work in LINUX environment as well, of course Windows and commen browsers 4. Must be able to create PDF reports 5. Must be able to implement Report specified prom
  5. I just realized FastReport Has a very useful tools for web report design. Can i Use FastReport Online Report Designer in uniGui web applications? Is it impossible Technically? I'm not use Fast Report.net . I use the fast Report 5 (Vcl) . Somebody has more information or any experience?
  6. Hi My Test case ,work when in stand alone and show my sample report. But when i convert it to ISAPI ,the report don't show. Best Regards.
  7. I have a serious problem with RichText. - I´m use XE5 with FR 5.3.9. - In the form, I put RichObject and the report put the RichText. The problem occurs when I print, gives the error "window handle is invalid." If I remove the report RichText, print normally. I have uninstalled it and I downloaded again, but the error persists. Would anyone tell me how to solve this? Eu tenho um sério problema com RichText. - Uso XE5 com FR 5.3.9. - No form, eu coloquei RichObject e no relatório coloquei o RichText. O problema ocorre quando eu vou imprimir, dá o erro: "identificador da janela é inválido.
  8. akio


    Hi, I get an error message, when i use Fastreport... "Klasse EOutOfResourcees: Nicht genug Timer verfügbar" The variable "Rechnungsadresse" created in ftxReport1 UniMainModule.FrxReport1.Variables.Variables['Rechnungsadresse'] := QuotedStr(UniMemo1.Lines.Text); UniMainModule.frxReport1.ShowReport(); Have you an idea? MfG Karsten
  9. Hy I use Fastreport to create PDF's from a UniGui-Application. Actuall I have the problem that I would like to bring the contents of a uniHTMLMemos in my "Fastreport" Pdf-Pages. BUT... https://www.fast-report.com/en/documentation/frx3user/Creating%20reports/HTML-tags%20in%20the%20%27Text%27%20object.htm You can see that the supported HTML-Tags are very limited. (Fonts, Size, Listings etc..) Now is my Idea, before create the Report print the content of my uniHTMLMemo to a Picture (.png, jpb..) and add this to my PDF Report. My questions: 1.) It is possible to s
  10. Hi, Not sure if this is the right area, so I appologise if not. I am trying to test this demo :- http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2669-fastreport-demo/?p=21044 However I am having trouble with it. I have Delphi XE5 Enterprise with FastReports 4 installed. When I first load up the project it tells me about missing components (something to do with XML) When I try to compile I get this :- Checking project dependencies... Compiling Project1.dproj (Debug, Win32) brcc32 command line for "Project1.vrc" d:\develop\xe5\bin\cgrc.exe -c65001 "Project1.vrc" -foProject1.res dcc
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