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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, How can i capture the refresh(https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/7.0.0/classic/Ext.view.Table.html#event-refresh) event of grid in ClientEvents? Thanks
  2. Anyone that has been an experienced/advance ExtJS/UniGUI developer who is interested to be a "freelancer" or "contractor"? We are a company located in switzerland. I am a licensed uniGUI user for a few years and have 20+yrs Delphi skills. I have already made a few projects with UniGUI. We already started to modernize a existing web application. The actual web app was made with morfik and is running since 2008. Unfortunatly, morfik is not under further development. So we decided to bring the whole stuff to ExtJS. He or she will be working with me and my other freelancer who has already created the UX/UI Design for each form. The goal is to create the whole client in UniGUI/ExtJS. I will program the server part of the project. There are two ways to go: 1. Pure ExtJS (Sencha Architect) We are open to use ExtJS alone and feed the data vs. a rest service. I will take care of the rest services, you write the client. 2. UniGUI If we use UniGUI, then the there is no need for a rest webservice. I will then create the STP’s (Stored Procedures) for Get, Set and Delete data in the DB. You will then write the server part with UniGUI Datamodules and SDAC by yourself. We could you deliver a Citrix VM with Delphi, SDAC and UniGUI installed when needed. Anyway, Knowledge of "Sencha Themer" would also be an advantage. Possible for long term employment. Serious inquiry and accountable developer only, no spam or BS please, Thanks. regards Jean-Marc
  3. Projeto que demonstra o poder do uniGUI e sua produtividade para facilitar a construção/migração de projetos novos/legados. Versão Project that demonstrates the power of uniGUI and its productivity to facilitate the construction / migration of new / legacy projects. Version
  4. Hi, In the following post there is nice example and explanation how to use HighCharts in UniGuUI: Now, I'm looking for a similar example that demonstrates the use of a ExtJS component (panel, chart, grid,...) in UniGUI. Is it possible to give a similar step-by-step explanation for the integration of ExtJS-components ?
  5. how can I use this js code in unigui? Ext.onReady(function () { var grid = Ext.widget({ xtype: 'grid', height: 400, store: { fields: ['name', 'size', 'progress', 'status'] }, tbar: [{ xtype: 'filefield', buttonOnly: true, width: 10, listeners: { render: function (s) { s.fileInputEl.set({ multiple: 'multiple' }); }, change: function (s) { Ext.each(s.fileInputEl.dom.files, function (f) { var data = new FormData(), rec = grid.store.add({ name: f.name, size: f.size, status: 'queued' })[0]; data.append('file', f); Ext.Ajax.request({ url: '/upload/files', rawData: data, headers: { 'Content-Type': null }, //to use content type of FormData progress: function (e) { rec.set('progress', e.loaded / e.total); rec.set('status', 'uploading...'); rec.commit(); }, success: function () { rec.set('status', 'done'); rec.commit(); }, failure: function () { rec.set('progress', 0); rec.set('status', 'failed'); rec.commit(); } }); }); } } }], columns: [ { text: 'Name', dataIndex: 'name', flex: 1 }, { text: 'Status', dataIndex: 'status', width: 100 }, { text: 'Progress', xtype: 'widgetcolumn', widget: { xtype: 'progressbarwidget', textTpl: [ '{percent:number("0")}%' ] }, dataIndex: 'progress', width: 100 }, { text: 'Size', dataIndex: 'size', width: 100, renderer: Ext.util.Format.fileSize } ], renderTo: Ext.getBody() }); }); thanks for the help
  6. Hello everyone, i'm in trouble with personalization of client graphic issue of uniCalendarPanel. After some studing of js, extj and js-client-event, i have reached the goal of assign some new class to day cell of the calendar on the event datachange of the calendarpanel object. So i can change month in monthview and the event DateChange make the right work. My problem occur after login and after coming back to the calendar pannel after validation of an other form. In these two cases i need to fireup the event manually. I can't figure how to implement this beaviour. I think the correct js code is <my unicalendarpanel object identifyer>.fireEvent('DateChange', myStartDate, myStartWiewDate, myEndWiewDate); i can use it in a UniSession.addJS or in client-event to run the command, but can't find the correct moment to do that. During the login the mainform of the app is just redered and the code in DateChange event is just runned. After login when the mainform and unicalendarpanel object are shown at the client screen, the graphic is re-redered, but no event is fired (at list i beleave that or can't find that). thanks a lot, and sorry for my bad english. Davide
  7. Hi, Are there any plans of integrating Unigui with Extjs 5?
  8. Hello, I know that uniGUI is based on Delphi and a vast majority of the code will be in the Delphi language, however after flicking through the board for some time now (whilst I wait for an XE5 version) I have noticed that there is a tendency to use ExtJS specific elements. So my question is, do you think it would be beneficial whilst I wait for XE5 compatibility to lean ExtJS? I know the basics of Javascript and I also know jQuery, so I am guessing the learning curve will not be that steep. Regards Anthoni
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