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Found 3 results

  1. Here is what I need. We have a socket comunication with our telephony servers (each session has it's on socket connection) and we need to update the form every time an event is triggered (message received on the socket). Since that the sockets are on a separate thread, If i try to do this from inside the thread unigui throws an exception. So I need to create an event to I can update the screen immediately without need a timer to do so. Is this possible ? If yes, anyone have an example of how to do that ?
  2. Help with html buttons I have a button created in html and I would like that when I click the button it executes what I want, I have doubt of how to do somebody could guide me. This is an example of the button in html <Button type = "button" name = "normal"> Normal </ button>
  3. Hi Farshad: I was playing around, thinking about a design to minimize network traffic, when I noticed the following whilst having the Chrome Debug Console open. I basically have a panel that is collapsible to the left. I noticed that every time I would collapse or expand the panel it would send an AjaRequest to the server (handleEvent) even though nothing is assigned to the OnCollapse or OnExpand events in Delphi. Below is the temporary code that UniGUI generated for this. O22C.on("collapse", function () { ajaxRequest(O22C, "collapse", ["w=" + O22C.getWidth(), "h=" + O22C.getHeight
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