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Found 7 results

  1. I am using the code bellow to display hints when the mouse is over an event... The problem i'm having is that the hint is displayed the second time the mouse goes over the event. I searched the net and i found that the problem is because i create the tooltip inside the eventover .... Is there a workaround??? function eventover(sender, rec, el, eOpts) { var pop_content = "<div id='popup-data'><p><b>Details: </b>" +rec.data.Notes.replace(/\n/g, "<br />")+"</p></div>"; new Ext.ToolTip({ target: el ,title: rec.data.Title ,dismissDelay: 2000
  2. Hi, I want to know how to read the text in a uniedit or unicombobox during editing when used in a column in unidbgrid. Using extEvent don't give me text except for the event "data" useful for remote queries. I need to manage and change edit text when data is no present in remote query, but ther is no possibility in dbgrid's unicombobox..... There are ways for manage events in controls embedded in grids? jeans_larghi (Sesamo Software collaborator)
  3. So, I have a customer that copy/paste info on the memo that a client of his always send to them whenever they want to buy something. Problem is, this info is separated by line breaks, and my client doesn't want it to. I saw a lot of techniques using event listeners and alikes but I couldn't figure out how to make it work with unigui. This is a js fiddle that I found (changed a bit) with exactly how I want my memo to behave. I don't know, nor did I found out, how to translate this to use in unigui and where/when to put it. My application is desktop based.
  4. Today 27/12/2017 starts a great delphi event in Brazil, I will be lecturing on the uniGUI there, with the theme: Interaction between the Mobile Web Application uniGUI with FMX Android APK. I hope everyone there, thank you. http://intensivedelphi.com.br
  5. I have a need where after a form has shown I need to send a "tap" event to a HTMLFrame object within the form, please advise how - thanks.
  6. I see "ClientEvents". It seems that maybe this is where you can assign some javascript code to particular events. And that you can use the EXT trapped events or the UniGui trapped events. But what does ENABLED=TRUE do? This is just turn on or off the scripting logic? Is see... MonitoredKeys Enabled KeyEnableAll KeyHandleAll Keys What do the 4 properties of MonitoredKeys actually do? I see... NavigateKeys Cycle Enabled HandleTabs What do these settings do? I know the handletabs seemed to allow the form to utilize the tab functionality. RTL:
  7. I have a TuniEdit with an OnKeyPress event. It seems to work fine and get all the chars I'm interested in including the CR<#13>. HOWEVER, it appears that the BACKSPACE<#08> character is totally ignored. So, basically, my event never gets called when the user is using the backspace to ALTER the contents of the field. Luckily, the onChange event DOES happen as I change the edit field with the backspace key. Very wierd the that OnChange recognizes the keypress, but the OnKeyPress does NOT. Am I missing something? Davie
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