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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! In my application I have some nonmodal forms and a UniPageControl on MainForm. For every nonmodal form I dynamically create a page, a UniPanel on the page, and then create required form on the panel. In one of nonmodal forms I need to call a movable modal form (border style is Sizable, biSystemMenu border icon enabled). When I drag this modal form - I can accidentally move it beyond application work area in browser. After that I can't move the form back and can't close it any more Is there any way to restrict moving? By main form area maybe? I've made a testca
  2. Good evening! Is there any chance of getting an example of a drag & drop functionality inside one DBTreeGrid (or any other DBGrid) for changing the sort, moving the position inside one dataset? Thanks in advance! Gerhard
  3. I feel dumb here. I downloaded the FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.70.0.1493_Trial.exe after 18 month gap and noticed that the new look & feel is very different. My app used to have vibrant blue rounded buttons and red power-off icons that looked cool. Now they are ... 1. Rectangular and solid color 2. And in the grids where I could drag my mouse up and down to scroll the list up and down, then drag scrolling doesn't work anymore. I went to the online demo and it looks/works as expected(cool) and the dragging worked as expected. I compiled
  4. I would need a solution for drag & drop within a dbTreeGrid. I tried to code something with AjaxEvents but it always fails with "empty row text" at the end. Also I would need to access cells directly (f.e. read value of Cell(Row,Column) as integer or string). A solution for drag & drop would be very much appreciated. I have a quite urgent project, which should be coded with using DBTreeGrid. If someone wants to spend some time on it, I will be ready to pay for your time and effort. pls contact me here or via email: g.ziegler@velio.at Thanks in advance
  5. Hi , i would like to drag & drop rows between two grids , here is the code i used , it seems i forgot something , if some one could help me to fix it please //in first grid: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.listeners = { plugins: { ptype: 'gridviewdragdrop', dragGroup: 'secondGridDDGroup', dropGroup: 'firstGridDDGroup' }, listeners: { drop: function(node, data, drop
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