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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I need a clear step by step instructions to do the following: 1- Create ISAPI web page and run it on mylocal host. 2- a list of ISAPI hosting companies. 3- How to deploy my ISAPI on my hosting space. And finally How to MIX HTML design with MYGUI components such as Buttons .... Thanks
  2. Anyone has an idea how the uniGUI Runtime Package can be installed on Microsoft Azure ?
  3. Hi, 1. I compile the most basic uniGUI application (this means, I create a new uniGUI application with the Application Wizard and choose ISAPI module) 2. I transfer by ftp the compiled project1.dll file to my wwwroot on Azure 3. I try to connect with my webbrowser: https://xxx(mypath).azurewebsites.net/project1.dll I expect to see my compiled MainForm in my browser, the only thing I see is an empty white webbrowser with the message : loading... What am I doing wrong ? What other files have to be transferred ? Thank you in advance. cdev
  4. Hi Guys, Just after a bit of advice about deployment. Here is my scenario.. (If I am ever lucky enough to have lots of customers for my application - this is a good problem to have!) Let’s say I own www.uniguiapp.com I am using a VM which can scale to a certain degree(I can add more RAM and CPU cores etc.) Lets say for now the limit of the server is 2 customers. I have my application deployed on IIS – Underneath an application pool I have a site for each “Customer” eg. www.uniguiapp.com/customer1 goes to the application and connects to customer1’s database (on the same SQL server
  5. Hi, I was able to deploy unigui application (.exe) to a windows server. This is a simply a login form, when user key in username and password, the application will issue a mysql select statement to check user's password. In the folder I have my application test.exe and the mysql dll libmysql5.dll and that everything is working fine. The problem is when I change it to ISAPI module, it failed. Deployment is OK, I can see the login windows when I key in http://localhost/test.dllin my browser. However, when I press the OK button on the login form, an access violation comes out from my brow
  6. Hi, I have installed the runtime package on our (test) server, however only the default three themes are available. Where and how is one supposed to deploy the additional themes? (I've also not found any reference to this in the documentation.) Thanks.
  7. Hello UniGuys, I have some questions about the configuration of a unigui isapi modul in IIS (7.5, or 8.0). in the log of my deployed dll i find entries like this: adm: 00002FD0: 10:25:13 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EUniSessionException : Invalid session or session Timeout. : Addr: $01EFDC44 adm: 00000DFC: 10:36:41 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EUniSessionException : Invalid session or session Timeout. : Addr: $01EFDC44 i set my Application pool in IIS with following settings (Process Model): idle Timeout (minutes) -> 2 Idle Timeout Action -> Terminate so after 2
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