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Found 7 results

  1. Esteemed, We are working in production with a windows server 2012 server, IIS and HyperServer, greatly improved performance and instability, but sometimes during the day the crash occurs. Attachments: index.cfg, log index.dll, and logs for some nodes, The errors started at 13:49:12 version uniGUI I appreciate the collaboration. index.cfg index.dll A2020-06-18.log n0 A2020-06-18.log n1 A2020-06-18.log n2 A2020-06-18.log
  2. Hi I need a clear step by step instructions to do the following: 1- Create ISAPI web page and run it on mylocal host. 2- a list of ISAPI hosting companies. 3- How to deploy my ISAPI on my hosting space. And finally How to MIX HTML design with MYGUI components such as Buttons .... Thanks
  3. I do every setting wanted from UniGui for deploy UniGui delphi 10.3 app to web server via Apache 2.4.37 all is fail I do all the settings of IIS also also fail and because of many documents had written about deploy but all are week document and videos Please I need the steps needed to deploy , step by step or what unigui need from me to run its app from web server . Thanks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FMSoft uniGUI Pro Complete Suite I write it here because I don't know how to reply
  4. Deployment Issue - Stand Alone Server on Windows NT Server - Please advise. UniServerModule.ExtRoot:= 'C:\MyLocation\ext\'; (Security access granted to all [read only]). All files copied from development PC C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\ext- to Server C:\MyLocation\ext App ERRORS, log shows ? DshBrdWeb.exe: 00000AA0: 11:06:30 []:TUniThemeProps: File not found: C:\unim\css\uni-sencha-touch.css DshBrdWeb.exe: 00000AA0: 11:06:30 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\touch-2.4.2-complete\resources\css\sencha-touch.css DshBrdWeb.exe: 000019F8: 11:
  5. Hi all, We try to deploy ISAPI dll to Apache PHP Version 5.6.30. On MainModule is placed AdoConnection and connected Queries components to access MS SQL database. From log files I can see that application crash (access violation) just after AdoConnection is open. Of course on server module AutoCoInitialize is set to True. In the same time app run on IIS or standalone server without any problem, but on Apache is crash. Anybody has idea what could be wrong? Development environment: UniGui: Delphi Xe2 DB: MSSQL
  6. Could anyone help me I am trying to "deploy" to the windows server 2012 but the problem is that it uses the IIS 8 and I'm not getting run my ISAPI I, tried everything following the unigui manual, but the manual tells you how to do this in IIS 6 and 7, 8 is different, anyone has any tutorial on how to do this? Leandro
  7. Can I deployed a Standalone app build with the Unigui Trial? Basically I want to show current and potential customers a test or demo application so they can see what to expect from an Unigui application. Regards Carlos
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