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  1. Я установил значения в Design Time, и он отлично работает, если я строю проект под Windows : ,, (StandAlone) В Windows (10) (это нормально): , (StandAlone) в Linux (CentOS 7) (это плохо = (): , Что я делаю неправильно? Разве это не работает под Linux? (alignwithmargins - маржа) Вер:
  2. Boa tarde. Pessoal. Gostaria de saber como é feito o processo de hospedagem de uma aplicação unigui através do apache. Por exemplo localizei um sistema em que ocorre da seguinte forma: Tem uma pasta que e colocada no c: do servidor com o nome de apache onde tem todos os arquivos do apache e da aplicação, posteriormente e criado um serviço no windows httpd -install e pronto o sistema já esta rodando. Porém não sei como funciona o processo de preparação desta pasta. Alguém já viu isso? Obrigado
  3. There is a form on which there is a TvirtualTable (Unidac package) or Tfdmemtable (FireDAC package)(tried both). uniDBCheckBox components bound to DataSource: When changing the DataSource, I try to edit adjacent records in the same DataSet (code onAfterEdit): procedure TUFrameTreeRulesF.FFrmStructVTableAfterEdit(DataSet: TDataSet); procedure MainUpd; procedure UpdateRefresh(aIsEnabled, aIsNotifyInface, aIsNotifyEMail: Boolean; aParentStr: string); var lvq: TVirtualQuery; /// throught query (localSQL) lwherestr: string; const CDefUpdateParentStr : string = 'UPDATE source SET %s WHERE (idname=:pname OR idname LIKE :pname2) OR id=:pname;'; begin lwherestr := EmptyStr; lvq := TVirtualQuery.Create(nil); try lvq.SourceDataSets.Add(FFrmStruct.VTable, 'source'); if FIsEnabledChange then begin lwherestr := lwherestr + 'isEnabled = :pIsEnabled'; end; if FIsNotifyInfaceChange then begin lwherestr := ifthen(lwherestr.IsEmpty, EmptyStr, ',') + 'IsEnableNotifyInface =:pIsEnableNotifyInface'; end; if FIsNotifyEMailChange then begin lwherestr := ifthen(lwherestr.IsEmpty, EmptyStr, ',') + 'IsEnabledNotifyEmail=:pIsEnabledNotifyEmail'; end; if not lwherestr.IsEmpty then begin lvq.sql.Text := Format(CDefUpdateParentStr, [lwherestr]); lvq.ParamByName('pname').AsString := aParentStr; lvq.ParamByName('pname2').AsString := aParentStr + '%'; if FIsNotifyEMailChange then lvq.ParamByName('pIsEnabledNotifyEmail').AsBoolean := aIsNotifyEMail; if FIsNotifyInfaceChange then lvq.ParamByName('pIsEnableNotifyInface').AsBoolean := aIsNotifyInface; if FIsEnabledChange then lvq.ParamByName('pIsEnabled').AsBoolean := aIsEnabled; lvq.Prepare; try lvq.Execute; except on e: exception do lwherestr := e.message; /// check end; end; finally if Assigned(lvq) then lvq.Destroy; lvq := nil; end; end; var lubookmark: TBookmark; lparentid: string; begin FFrmStruct.VTable.AfterEdit := nil; lubookmark := FFrmStruct.VTable.Bookmark; FFrmStruct.UDbBuissnesObjectTree.BeginUpdate; FFrmStruct.VTable.DisableControls; FIsChangeSel := True; if not FFrmStruct.VTable.FieldByName('idname').AsString.IsEmpty then lparentid := FFrmStruct.VTable.FieldByName('idname').AsString else lparentid := FFrmStruct.VTable.FieldByName('id').AsString; FFrmStruct.VTable.edit; UpdateRefresh(UDBChBox.Checked, UDBCBNotifyInface.Checked, UDBCheckBoxNotifyEmail.Checked, lparentid); FFrmStruct.VTable.post; FFrmStruct.UDbBuissnesObjectTree.Refresh; FFrmStruct.VTable.EnableControls; FFrmStruct.UDbBuissnesObjectTree.EndUpdate; FFrmStruct.VTable.AfterEdit := FFrmStructVTableAfterEdit; if Assigned(lubookmark) then FFrmStruct.VTable.GotoBookmark(lubookmark); self.hidemask; end; begin self.ShowMask('Обновляю данные...'); FIsEnabledChange := not FFrmStruct.BeforeIsEnabledChange = UDBChBox.Checked; FIsNotifyInfaceChange := not FFrmStruct.BeforeisNotifyChange = UDBCBNotifyInface.Checked; FIsNotifyEMailChange := not FFrmStruct.BeforeIsNotifyEmail = UDBCheckBoxNotifyEmail.Checked; MainUpd; UBtnApplySetting.Enabled := True; end; After I get the error : "DataSet not in Edit or Insert mode" =( At the same time, after the error occurred, the DataSet was updated (as expected, the code above worked (it works)). I have an error happening in the UniDbCheckBox.pas module: I quickly corrected this via a "crutch" (hack): Version:
  4. It is not possible to apply the triton theme,ubuntu, etc. not through the Theme Manager via Refresh, not in the designer. (Refresh doesn't work for some reason). I fix it (Crutch(hack) : I put the UniGuiConst.pas module next to the project and changed the Default_EXTHEME to the desired theme and it worked: Version: PS: ReCallLastTheme:=True; (but is not working in Linux (CentOS,RHEL) and works well in Windows).
  5. Hi All, I am using unidbgrid and i connect it to datasource and connect the datasource to fdquery with MySQL Cloud Database, some times it works ok and sometimes it gives me this error message: operation not allowed on a unidirectional dataset. so does anybody know the reason? Osama Ghazal
  6. Hi, Set up my Linux environment using Debian 10. I never had any problems using FMX, it always worked. So I only activated it for use with the UniGUI 1536, but the following error happens: How can I solve ? Note: I am using Delphi Pro v10.4.1.
  7. Hello I'm trying to pass value to variable at runtime but when I pass text the band is not displayed. In Fast Report using Unigui I define 3 variables: FromDate ToDate Title I use this function: function TfrDM.GeneraReportePDF(const RepName: string; Rep, Title: string; FromDate, ToDate: TDateTime): string; begin frxRep.PrintOptions.ShowDialog := False; frxRep.ShowProgress := false; frxRep.EngineOptions.SilentMode := True; frxRep.EngineOptions.EnableThreadSafe := True; frxRep.EngineOptions.DestroyForms := False; frxRep.EngineOptions.UseGlobalDataSetList := False; frxRep.LoadFromFile(UniServerModule.FilesFolderPath + 'Reportes\' + RepName + '.fr3'); frxPDFExport.Background := True; frxPDFExport.ShowProgress := False; frxPDFExport.ShowDialog := False; frxPDFExport.FileName := UniServerModule.NewCacheFileUrl(False, 'pdf', '', '', Result, True); frxPDFExport.DefaultPath := ''; frxRep.PreviewOptions.AllowEdit := False; frxRep.Variables['FromDate'] := FromDate; frxRep.Variables['ToDate'] := ToDate; frxRep.Variables['Title'] := Title; frxRep.PrepareReport; frxRep.Export(frxPDFExport); end; The frxRep.Variables['Title'] doesn't admit a text, I don't know why... I need your help. Thanks. I using Delphi 10.2 Unigui
  8. Hello, I use TUnimDbListGrid to show a personal view of my data but I don't understand why my array doesn't show correctly : On the ClientEvent / beforeInit I have function beforeInit(sender, config) { var htmlRow= '<table style="width: 100%; height: 100%; vertical-align: middle;"> '+ '<tbody> '+ '<tr> '+ '<td><span style="fon-weight: bold; color: #000000; font-size: 16px; width: 100%; display: inline-block;">{2}</span> <span style="color: #808080; width: 100%; font-size: 13px; display: inline-block;">{1}</span></td> '+ '<td style="width: 100px;"><span style="color: #ff6600;">{0}</span></td> '+ '<td style="width: 100px;"><span style="color: #ff6600;">{0}</span></td> '+ '</tr> '+ '</tbody> '+ '</table> '; config.itemTpl= new Ext.XTemplate(htmlRow); } The result is like this and not with align : Somebody can help me (V7.0.0, Delphi 10.4)
  9. Bom dia pessoal!! Será que alguém pode me ajudar? Alguém tem conhecimento se consigo desenvolver um projeto com Unigui (Delphi Seattle) onde consigo gerar um EXE para rodar também local, ou seja, via browser e local? Obrigado! Raphael
  10. Good afternoon, I'm migrating a .net system to delphi / Unigui. I'm having problems with the display and upload part of pdf. There are Unity components for such a task and even with ReportBuilder itself it is possible to do such tasks, however, it is necessary that an operation can be done without the use of components that require the physical file. database blob field. Here is the .NET example: Response.ClearContent () Response.ClearHeaders () Response.ContentType = "application / pdf" Response.AddHeader ("Content-Disposition", "inline; filename =" + Session ("strPDFSelected") + ".pdf") Response.AddHeader ("Content-Length", file.Length.ToString ()) Response.WriteFile ("~ / PDFs Volumes /" + Session ("strPDFlected") + ".pdf") Response.Flush () Response.Close () In some of my attempts I did not use UniSession.Aresponse, and I got the attempt to try with UniHTMLFrame, all to no avail. Thank you very much in advance.
  11. Boa noite, pessoal estou com a seguinte dúvida, para migrar um sistema desktop para unigui será necessário muitas adaptações no código? alguém já fez algo do tipo? . Obrigado.
  12. Hi, I want to add optional two-factor authentication during login into my Delphi win32 application. Using: Delphi 10.1 Berlin Enterprise User logs in using normal username and password. On his mobile phone he have the Google Authenticator application, which is the code that he needs to enter in the application. What would be the easiest way to set this up? A very basic example would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Boa noite, pessoal estou com dificuldades em usar este unigui, por exemplo de replicar os demos, etc. Alguém sabe algum curso de unigui? Obrigado.
  14. It seems the new Delphi 10.3 will has some new improvement on the language on compiler level, finally we will be able to define inline variables. very cool. More on post on G+
  15. Today 27/12/2017 starts a great delphi event in Brazil, I will be lecturing on the uniGUI there, with the theme: Interaction between the Mobile Web Application uniGUI with FMX Android APK. I hope everyone there, thank you. http://intensivedelphi.com.br
  16. Hello, We just purchased a license for UNIGUI and we converted 2 existing exexutables from Win64 to UniGUI. The result is awesome! Thank you all! I just noticed that specifically the indy components are pre-compiled using record field allignment Quad. And our software is compiled with byte. I can change our programs by putting the word packed in front of all the records (about 1500 records) and it will work but i was wondering if there is any other way. Also i found a bug in Sencha where if you have a UNIMAINMENU and the UNIMAINMENUOPTIONS contain a checkbox, if you set the check option then it popups with a script error "There is no setChecked method for this object". Thank you very much for any ideas or resolutions regarding this issue. Nick
  17. Bom dia. Pessoal preciso criar no CRUD, parte de pesquisa, por exemplo tenho 100 usuário cadastrados, e quero pesquisar o nome do João. Alguém tem algum bizu para isso. Obrigado.
  18. The unigui always have compatibility with new versions of Delphi? What can we expect from unigui for years to come? We are thinking of starting a large project with unigui, we are enjoying what we are seeing, but I wonder if we can believe that the project will last for many years out. Thank you
  19. Preview video of a legacy Delphi application we are porting to the web with Unigui, check it out: Grtz. Bernaert Dominique
  20. значение в UniForm1.Caption := 'бла бла бла'; не присваивается, в чем проблема? procedure TfmContactRec.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); begin UniForm1.Caption := 'бла бла бла'; end;
  21. Hi, everyone! I use Indy, and after idFTP.put I want to get info about File Creation DateTime on Server I do like following... ... List; Memo1.Lines.Clear; for i := 0 to IdFTP.ListResult.Count-1 do begin Memo1.Lines.Add(IdFTP.ListResult[i]); end; ... As a result i get info like this size=0;type=cdir;create=20160911195120;modify=20160912135842;windows.lastaccesstime=20160912135842;win32.ea=0x00002010; . size=0;type=pdir;create=20160911195120;modify=20160912135842;windows.lastaccesstime=20160912135842;win32.ea=0x00002010; .. size=0;type=dir;create=20160912102900;modify=20160912102900;windows.lastaccesstime=20160912102900;win32.ea=0x00002010; 2016 size=2360;type=file;create=20160912135842;modify=20160912135842;windows.lastaccesstime=20160912135842;win32.ea=0x00002020; cancel(1).png As I understand this is create=20160911195120; is timestamp in 64 bit Ok, with Regular Expressions I can get only this numbers (20160911195120) but how to convert them to the readable DateTime??? I tried FileDateToDateTime function, but 20160911195120 is not an integer? I meet this situation first time. Who can help? Regards,
  22. When we have a UNIGUI for Delphi XE7?
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