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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I have a DbNavigator with Delete button enabled and Confirm Delete disabled, because I need a custom message on Delete. So I have put this code in the onBeforeDelete event of the DataSet: procedure TformCustomers.tabCompositionBeforeDelete(DataSet: TDataSet); begin // Ask confirm MessageDlg('Confirm Delete of item: '+ tabComposition.FieldByName('TABLECODE').AsString +' ?', mtConfirmation, mbYesNo, procedure(Sender: TComponent; Res: Integer) begin if Res <> mrYes then // Annulla delete Abort; end//proced
  2. [PT-BR] Boa Tarde, Estou com o seguinte problema: preciso passar uma procedure/function para ser executada como callBack de um form devido caso em que o EnableSynchronousOperations não atende ao esperado. Essa implementação ficaria como? Abaixo segue a ideia de como estou tentando fazer, porém sem sucesso. Obs.: o código abaixo é apenas um esboço para facilitar o entendimento do problema. [ENG] Good afternoon, I am having the following problem: I need to pass a procedure / function to run as a form return in case the EnableSynchronousOperations does not
  3. Ejemplo al presionar el botón ok procedure btnOKClick(Sender: TObject); procedure Imprimir; begin UniMainModule.CrearWebFilePath; UniSession.AddJS('window.open('+QuotedStr(UniMainModule.WebFilePath)+',"_blank", "status=no,location=no,resizable=no,dependent=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no", "false");' ); end; begin UniScreenMask1.AttachedControl := btnOk; UniScreenMask1.TargetControl := Self; Self.MessageDlg('Desea imprimir el contenido?', mtConfirmation, mbYesNo, procedure (Sender: TComponent; Res: Integer) var cerrarModal: boolean; begin cer
  4. "MessageScreen" - Blocking(!) Message- and InputDialogs and "Live" StatusMessages (with Abort option) No need for callbacks or extra threads or ... - Live Status messages (show the user at every time, what you are just doing) - Blocking(!) Input Dialog - Blocking(!) Message Dialog - "Abort option" at every time Sample Code: procedure TfrmMain.btnTestClick(Sender: TObject); var Nam: String; i: Integer; Br: Boolean; begin MS.Show; try // "Live" Status Messages: MS.StatusMsg('Step 1 / 3 ...'); Sleep(4000); // Do Som
  5. Hi everybody. I have an issue I cant resolve... How to do a continuos showmodal. I explain it. In normal scene I have this behavior. procedure TValidaVentasForm.EtiquetasButtonClick(Sender: TObject); begin while true do begin // send the form.... CodigosBarrasForm.ShowModal; // And obtain some data of that... id:=CodigosBarrasForm.CodigoEdit.Text; // if id<>'' then // we obtained valid data DoSomeVeryInterestingWithTheData(id) else break; // <---- The end of the show // or I repeat again... e
  6. Hello Guys! Please give me an example of how Farshad, creates the function will return with callback. I tried several ways and can not do as he does, passing the procedure within the call. I need to ride some, but only managed to procedures outside the call, I would call could equal the example below: UniForm1.Show ( procedure (Result: Integer) begin UniMemo1.Lines.Add ('Form Close:' + IntToStr (Result)); end );
  7. Proposed new component A TEDIT / DBEDIT component that has a button associated or event as an F4 Double click with the characteristic that can query a table, select a component in the specified field and return it to the TDBEdit / DBEDIT. My solictud is that I do so in delphi 5 and saves me lots of time developing, I think it might be a standard component of software component or otherwise a component of PAYMENT basic example New properties Table query when the edit / DBEdit (select table) is pressed Country and return value to edit (select from table columm) filter associated wit
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