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Found 5 results

  1. Good afternoon. I'm calling a page from a pdf editor inside the URLFrame. Is it possible that I pass the command to close UniForm after OK via ajaxevent?
  2. I have a function in javascript where I wanted to trigger the return of it to mainmForm, but I'm not getting it, how to do it? I'm trying that way function hashPagSeguro() { PagSeguroDirectPayment.onSenderHashReady(function (response) { if (response.status == 'error') { console.log(response.message); return false; } var hash = response.senderHash; ajaxRequest(MainmForm,'senderHash', ['hash='+hash]); console.log(hash); }); } but I am having this error
  3. Hello, can I get a screen to fire an ajaxevent to another screen? For example user A is on the frmProcessos screen, I want to click on a button to fire an ajaxevent on the MainForm screen or another specific screen, example frmProcessosAndamento, is there such a possibility? if so, how?
  4. I have a TuniEdit on a form for search functionality. I do not want to trap the OnKeyPress event on the server side because of all the traffic hence I have added the event below: ClientEvents | ExtEvents | Ext.form.field.text function keypress(sender, e, eOpts) { if (e.getKey() == 13 ) { sender.showMask('Searching...'); ajaxRequest(sender, 'doSearch', [editboxText?]); } } I am not sure how to obtain the text from the TuniEdit to send through as a parameter? Does anybody know?
  5. I have a UniForm (UniForm2) that I am trying to send an AjaxEvent to update my ProgressBar (pg). The Form's AjaxEvent code is firing on: active, move, resize etc. as expected. It will not fire on my custom EventName 'update' sent via my UpdateJobProgress procedure, please advise how to resolve - thanks in advance. procedure TJobThread.Execute; // This will be extended when the basics work begin Progress:= 0; while not Terminated and (Progress < 100) do begin Inc(Progress); Sleep(50); end; end; function TUniForm2.DoSomething(): Bo
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