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Found 5 results

  1. Доброе время суток! Столкнулся с проблемой переноса текста в свойстве Caption у объекта UniButton. Текст с большим размером не переносится и получается, что не влезает в рамки кнопки. Свойство WordWrap у кнопки не нашел. Как быть?
  2. Доброе время суток! Столкнулся с проблемой в компоненте uniDBVerticalGrid. Не влезает текст в ячейку. Выставил DisplayMemo в True - Не помогло. Возможно ли реализовать растягивание строки как у компонента devExpress cxDBVerticalGrid. Тестовый проект verticalGrid.zip.
  3. Hello guys How do I prevent uniLabel from breaking? There is no wordWrap property [True / False] And in some cases I want it to break the line itself. Thank you
  4. Hi, everyone! Having UniHTMLMemo and content like this <p><span class=rvts1>SomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeTextSomeText</span></p> I need WordWrap effect but i get it like 1 string with scrollBars. How can I get WordWrap effect? WordWrap is in true at UniHTMLMemo.
  5. Is there a way to force a TUniMemo to display (in web mode, of course) the horizontal scrollbar instead of automatically add a new line? Example New Form. Add a TUniMemo (width <100, ScrollBars BOTH, WordWrap True or False). Form->OnCreate: void __fastcall TMainForm::UniFormCreate(TObject *Sender) { UniMemo1->Lines->Add( u"foobar foobar foobar"); UniMemo1->Lines->Add( u"foobar foobar foobar"); UniMemo1->Lines->Add( u"foobar foobar foobar"); UniMemo1->Lines->Add( u"foobar foobar foobar"); } When you run the application you'll see that in web mode it only shows the vertical scrollbar and the text is automatically wrapped. Environment Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32bit (also tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit) RAD Studio XE2 (c++ builder) UniGUI 0.90, 0.91 Browser Mozilla Firefox 18.0.2, Internet Explorer 8.0.6, Waterfox 18 Also tested browser: Iceweasel 10.0 (Debian 6, KDE)
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