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Found 10 results

  1. How can i set KeyValue to load text of an item on UniDBLookupComboBox when it is with the property "RemoteQuery" set to "True"? When i use a Data Source linked to the "ListSource" this works perfectly. But when i try to do using RemoteQuery, the UniDBLookupComboBox field doesn't display the selected item. I tried to run manually the event to force item load: UniDBLookupComboBoxEmployeeRemoteQuery('My item value', UniDBLookupComboBoxEmployee.Items); UniDBLookupComboBoxEmployee.KeyValue := 'My item value'; But it doesn't work, the field keeps empty. How to reproduce: Add a butto
  2. I'm having some problems when trying to open some UniDBLookupComboBox, most of the time I have to double-click. And when closing or canceling anything, DBGrid adds the columns, and when closing the frame, the message that is described below appears I still forward a video showing the error. _rsov_(O2D9,0);setStoreRow(O255,2147483647,2147483647,{"0":"","_0":"{fc:'#0000FF',fts:'font-weight:bold;font-size:12px;font-family:Calibri'}","1":"","_1":"{fc:'#0000FF',fts:'font-weight:bold;font-size:12px;font-family:Calibri'}","2":"","_2":"{fc:'#0000FF',fts:'font-weight:bold;font-size:12px;font-fa
  3. I have a UniDBLookupComboBox on a form that has the listsource property bound to a datasource that is bound to a TFDQuery. In this form I have a button that opens another form where I insert into the database in the same table to which my UniDBLookupComboBox pulls the items. What happens is that right after I register a new record in the table, and trying to use KeyValue with the new item is not setting the value in UniDBLookupComboBox. Note: clicking on the combo already appears the new item in the list. Does anyone know the best way to do this? My code: procedure
  4. Доброе время суток! подскажите как выставить компоненту UniDBLookupComboBox начальное значение, типа ItemIndex.
  5. Good afternoon: I have the following problem: - UniDBGrid - One of the columns is a UniDBLooKUpComboBox - Different rows can have different items in the UniDBLooKUpComboBox of the same column. How could I do it? Thanks in advance
  6. I'm working with an evaluation copy of uniGUI. I'm having difficulty implementing a uniDBLookupComboBox. Link the uniDBLookupComboBox to a primary TDataset using the DataSource and DataField properties. Link the uniDBLookupComboBox to a lookup TDataset using the ListSource, KeyField and ListField properties. Open the respective datasets. Insert a new record into the primary TDataset. (This will result in an "empty" row.) This causes an EVariantTypeCastError exception. 'Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Integer)' I would appear that the uniDBLookupCo
  7. Hi, can anybody give some details about rules of ListFormat property in UniDBLookupComboBox ? Thak you, Marc
  8. Merhaba; UniDbLookupComboBox ile 245 veri ile bağlıyorum. Seçim yapmak istediğimde Çok fazla bekliyor ve sonrasında sayfa yanıt veremez duruma geliyor. 3-4 ay önceki versiyonda yine aynı sayıdaki veride bu işlemi sorunsuz çok hızlı yapabiliyordum Şimdi tesadüfen fark ettim. UniDbLookupComboBox tam verimli çalışabilmesi için max kayıt sayısı var mıdır veya bilmediğim bir ayarını turue veya false yapsak düzelir mi. Yardımlarınızı rica ederim. İyi çalışmalar.
  9. For those having problems allowing empty value or the selection of only items in list with incremental search in an editable DBLookupComboBox... (i was one too ) Add to the DBLookupCombobox -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> OnAfterrender function OnAfterrender(sender){ sender.allowBlank=true; sender.editable = true;//This allows you to edit the DBLookupCombobox sender.forceSelection=true;//This line allows only item in list to be selected sender.beforeBlur= function(){ var value = this.getRawValue(); if(value == ''){ this.lastSelection = []; } this.doQueryTask.cancel(); this
  10. Hi, i have a question about the UniDBLookupComboBox: Is it possible to manually/programmatically open the dropdown of the component? Like you simulate the press on it so it opens the dropdown list. Thanks.
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