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Found 6 results

  1. Не могу понять, что не так? Почему у TUniImage.LayoutConfig.cls? На картинке видно, что в Диспетчере свойств есть Cls, а в коде нету. И компилятор ругается Cannot access protected symbol TUniCustomLayoutBase.Cls Я в run-time создаю визуальные компоненты, например TUniPanel или TUniImage и не могу назначить класс для CSS. Так и должно быть?
  2. У компоненты типа TUniImage есть 2 свойства: Picture и URL. Я понимаю, что можно и так и так использовать показ картинки. Но как правильно с точки зрения веб-разработки и в частности uniGUI? Я подозреваю, что если хранить картинку в свойстве Picture, то uniGUI сперва сохранит картинку куда-то на диск, а только потом отдаст в браузер. Т.е. лучше изначально хранить на диске и подставлять в URL? Или это не имеет значения?
  3. In the screenshot below there are two TUniImages the one on the left has Enabled set to True while the one on the right has Enabled set to False. When the image is disabled a grey area appears surrounding the image as the image does not fully occupy the whole area of the TUniImage. Is it possible to remove this grey area so that the white background appears but still show the green tick as disabled (it will look like the image on the left but only the green tick will show as disabled).
  4. How is possible define areas or regions in a TUniImage? Ex.. Show some flags in an unique picture, and when click in each flag do something ... as redirect to another form, or another website ... Or better, show a image map (as attached), and click in a country for do something In HTML is there map and area tags ... but ... never must change size of controls to make it works
  5. I am trying to create a TuniImage at runtime, but I could not. I've seen the demo "Dynamic" and I can create other components at runtime, but not a Tunimage this is ok. with TUniEdit(InsertControl(TUniEdit.Create(Self))) do begin Left:=10; Top:=40; Text:='Text'; end; but this no with TuniImage(InsertControl(TuniImage.Create(Self))) do begin Left:=10; Top:=40; Picture.LoadFromFile('Hydrangeas.jpg'); end; (The picture is in the same directory).
  6. MainModule have Background property, and loaded image is showing in Tile style. I want to do same with Form. I try to use UniImage with align alClient, but UniImage haven't possibility to show image with Tile style. Someone have ideas how to solve it?
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