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Found 6 results

  1. x11

    uniDBGrid Summary

    Не могу понять, что я делаю не так. Нужно просто показать общую сумму в колонке. procedure TfmMain.dbgPurchasesColumnSummaryResult(Column: TUniDBGridColumn; GroupFieldValue: Variant; Attribs: TUniCellAttribs; var Result: string); Var v: variant; begin if SameText(Column.FieldName, 'SUMA') or SameText(Column.FieldName, 'KEYS_QUANTITY') then begin v := Column.AuxValue; if not VarIsNull(v) then result := v; end; end; условие выполняется, но суммы пустые У колонок свойство Summary включено, у сетки - тоже. Что я еще забыл? В качестве набо
  2. Dear all, I am using unidbgrid for my project. I am manage to set for 1 group in my dbgrid with summary, but my project need multi group and summary with grand total of the parent group. what we want is like this table A AB W1 500 TOTAL QTY :500 A AB W2 400 TOTAL QTY :400 TOTAL QTY : 900 A AC W1 100 TOTAL QTY :100 A AC W2 200 TOTAL QTY :200 TOTAL QTY : 300 TOTAL QTY : 1200 Can give me advise ?
  3. Good morning. I need to hide the row in a grid of the summay of the group, but show the row of grandTotal. How to do?
  4. How to set in the CSS configuration the color background of the row summary of grid? I know it is possibile with attribs.color but i need to do it in CSS
  5. Как в DBGreed Summary организовать выборочное суммирование при группировке. К примеру нужно просуммировать только записи с с значением поле PgDS.DataSet.FieldByName('coment').AsString='plus' а остальные игнорировать. В примерах не нашел (( За ранее благодарен!
  6. Hi Farshad! I think need to include "summaryType": count sum min max average http://www.objis.com/formationextjs/lib/extjs-4.0.0/docs/api/Ext.grid.feature.Summary.html If I'm not mistaken there is currently no such possibility (of course, we can use the "summaryType" in code, in another way. But would like that this possibility was in the properties of the column) Sincerely.
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