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Found 5 results

  1. JarekZ

    multi css

    Hello I am writing an application for several companies. Loads css files in servermodule (as customfiles) The problem is that each of the companies wants to have slightly different colors etc. How to do it best ??
  2. Hi there! Recently i have updated my Unigui to the version All the CSS and customizations i had before, is not truly working anymore. So, basically i had the CSS tags on ServerModule -> CustomCSS. And in my UnimButton -> ExtEvents (added or painted). But anyone of these not worked. Anyone had the same problem? Thanks anyway!
  3. Hi there... I need to receive a json array and I figured out that it was supposed to be handled in ServerModule, in UniGUIServerModule.OnHTTPDocument on in UniGUIServerModule.OnHTTPCommand. How it should work: 1- Send data to the ecommerce server (name, card number, amount etc) 2- It will return in another transaction the JSON Array with info about it. (more detail, approved or not etc) 3- I need to get that array and manipulate it. Where I get this Json array ? In manual just said the "ONhttpDocument" worh like idHTTPServer event. But even there I could not pu
  4. Hello, I've just create a TuniThreadTimer in my servermodule in order to generate serverside procedure, interval lunched. First question is about the place into put that timer, is the servermodule the right place? ( i suppose this is the place where run somthing detached from the users sessions). If the first question's answare is "yes, it is right", how can i access object designed in the mainmodule ? I suppose to use the objects declared in the mainmodule, like connections and querys, to perform my goals. Also instanziate a mainform or other unit to re-use the object declare
  5. skafy

    Global Timer

    I would like to have a timer witch will run every 30 seconds. It has to start when application starts and should not be attached to sessions. So my question is how can I use global variable Timer. I've put it in ServerModule but than I can't use it on mainModule data. procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); begin Timer1.Enabled:= True; Send:= False; end; procedure TUniServerModule.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject); var Time: TTime; begin Time:= StrToTime(TimeToStr(Now)); if Send then begin if (Time > StrToTime('12:12:00')) AND (Time < StrToTime
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