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Found 6 results

  1. Projeto que demonstra o poder do uniGUI e sua produtividade para facilitar a construção/migração de projetos novos/legados. Versão Project that demonstrates the power of uniGUI and its productivity to facilitate the construction / migration of new / legacy projects. Version
  2. Hi, When I want to use RowEditor in a UniDbGrid and insert a new record, it doesn't show information in the columns with Lookup fields. I need to configure some property or this type of field can't be displayed until I confirm the registration? Thanks
  3. Hi folks, i have a dbgrid with a column which the DataField behind holding a integer value. This integer value is a key to another table dataset. I set up a TuniDBLookupCombobox showing a string field in the dropdown and as Keyfield the integer value. Now i configured the column to show the LookupCombobox as the editor. My problem: The integer value is shown in de column, not the String field configured in the LookupCombobox. Can anybody help me with this?
  4. Hi, I have the following problem. When I want to modify in a form a Lookup field that has more than one field defined in LookupKeyFields (Ex: "Company; Agreement") the error "TableName: Field" Company; Agreement "not found" is generated. That error does not occur when there is a single field in LookupKeyFields. Any idea why this error occurs and how can I solve it? ... I have cases that I need to define 2 or more fields in LookupKeyFields and in the version of delphi 7 I worked correctly. I am using Delphi 10.2 Tokyo with version of Unigui. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello everybody, It will be possible in Unigui to modify the behavior of the columns of an unidbgrid associated with fields Lookups?. I need that instead of showing the drop-down list another option is shown (Ex: Ellipsis) so that clicking on that column will open a modal form where I can select the data that I need and return that data to the original Form. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have been trying to take value from a lookup modal form that contains a grid showing values for choosing to a main form editbox. How can i do this in Unigui? I tried many ways but i am unable to do show. Can you please guide what is the best way to do so> Regards
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