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Found 6 results

  1. I am trying to change label parameters at runtime, please advise - Thanks. UniLabel.Caption:= IntToStr(MyCounter); UniLabel.Left:= 10; UniLabel.Top:= 500; UniLabel.Visible:= True; UniLabel.Repaint; UniLabel.BringToFront;
  2. mos

    CSS Color Issue

    I have a MainForm which contains a TUniLabel called lblHeader. In my external CSS file I have the following: .lblHeader { color: red !important; } Now if I don't have the !important the red color does not get applied to the label. The issue I have is I need to in code to be able to change the color of the label from red to blue in code. I tried the following code but it did not work: lblHeader.JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.setStyle("color","blue");'); The above does work if I remove the !important for the red but the color red doesn't get applied. I also tried:
  3. Dear colleagues, I placed label on panel and on frame resize i'm sending ajaxevent to panel and server calculates label font size based on panel width and height. if EventName='updatePNRouteSize' then begin a:=Params.Text; w:=StrToIntDef(Params.Values['w'],100); h:=StrToIntDef(Params.Values['h'],100); lblRouteName.Font.Size:=CalcElementFontSize(lblRouteName.Caption,w,h div 4); //OK end; After that i'm trying to place label at the top on the panel. function resize(sender, width, height, oldWidth, oldHeight, eOpts) { console.log('resize lbl'); con
  4. Below does not work, I know just setting the Caption normally works but I am trying to understand why the JS version does not - please advise - thanks. UniSession.AddJS(LoginmForm.lblIP.JSName+'.Caption = ''Sleeping ...'' ;'); UniSession.AddJS(LoginmForm.lblIP.JSName+'.RePaint;');
  5. I have a UnimChart UnimHorizBarSeries assigned to a datasource where the XLabel is fetched from a rowset - all good. I want to via an Event OnPaintXLabel etc. interpret the label string and substitute it with another string at runtime. Please advise - thanks
  6. Good Morning! I have a problem and I'm unable to solve. C'mon: When I work with normal uniforms, it is very easy to change the caption of a label of a form from another. Example: TuniForm2.btOkClick procedure (Sender: TObject); begin uniForm1.uniLabel1.caption: = uniForm2.uniLabel2.Caption; end; What I'm unaable to do: TuniForm2.btOkClick procedure (Sender: TObject); begin uniFrame1.uniLabe1.caption: = uniForm2.uniLabel2.Caption; end; This code does not error. (In debug) The text is sent to the label, but for some reason does not
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