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Found 11 results

  1. When the UniDBGrid is initialized, sorting is not work. When the grouping is dynamically changed, sorting is work. How do I deactivate it?
  2. with (ListGrid as IUniJSInterface) do begin JSConfig('grouped', [True]); JSConfig('grouper', [JSObject(['groupFn', JSFunction('record', 'return record.get("0")')])], THUnimBasicDBGrid(ListGrid).DataStore); JSConfigObject('groupHeader', ['style', JSObject(['font-size', 16, 'color', '#000000', 'backgroundColor', '#709FD4'])]); end; Please advise why Record Field '0' does not display in Group Header ? Solved, had to add field name manually
  3. Dear all, I am using unidbgrid for my project. I am manage to set for 1 group in my dbgrid with summary, but my project need multi group and summary with grand total of the parent group. what we want is like this table A AB W1 500 TOTAL QTY :500 A AB W2 400 TOTAL QTY :400 TOTAL QTY : 900 A AC W1 100 TOTAL QTY :100 A AC W2 200 TOTAL QTY :200 TOTAL QTY : 300 TOTAL QTY : 1200 Can give me advise ?
  4. Hi In previous versions 1.90.0.xxxx, a TunimDbgrid with grouping activated respected the order corresponding to the dataset. Ie: "order by Id, date, AnotherText". "Id" is grouping field. The TunimDbgrid shows each group as it should be and the groups ordered by the "date" field. It's Ok Now The TunimDbgrid shows each group as it should be but ther order is by grouping title . It´s a bug? Thanks
  5. Hi! I have a TUniDBGrid control with Grouping.enabled = True and Grouping.Collapsible = False. I need to make some actions with record user double clicked on, but I need to do this only with "data" records, not with groups. How can I do this? Thanks in advance for help!
  6. Hello, I have a grouped uniDBGrid. (uniDBGrid.Grouping = Enabled) I can Collapse or Expand all groups at runtime, but can't find a way to do it individually. For example. I want the Grid to show me the groups collapsed to a record, and from there on the rest expanded and do it at runtime, by code. Can someone help me to achieve this? Thank you so much. This is an image of the grid as an example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O-D4ngD3RAW0yZ3203-Pi0P2MjjvEhYM/view?usp=sharing
  7. Hi , If TUniDBGrid.Grouping.Enabled = True Is it posible(how) to change/setup (runtime) background colour under group header row area. Pls, find attached excample picture Thanks
  8. UniDBGrid nesnesinde verileri grupladım fakat bu gruplarda başlıkların background ve fontları değiştirmek istiyorum. Bu konuda yardımcı olan herkese şimdiden teşekkürler
  9. Hi Farshad. How to make grouping with a plugin like this: http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/ext-3.3.1/examples/grid/ColumnHeaderGroup.html ? Possible to implement it? Thanks.
  10. Is it possible that I enable Grouping in a UniDBGrid, but that I initially leave the field Grouping.Fieldname blank? Currently when I do that, the menu options 'Group by this Field' and 'Show in groups' aren't displayed in the pull down menu of the column titles. So by default I don't want any grouping done, but I want to give my end users the possibility to use it if they want to. Br Arend
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