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Found 10 results

  1. How can I enable only the field that has the editor enabled? It is enabling all other fields in the edition and allowing to change the same defined fields or readonly = true in each field of the grid And why does the image appear in her html, as shown in the image?
  2. I have a DBGrid with a TUniNumberEdit Editor for Floating Numbers set to 2 Decimal places that fails to paint only 2 decimal places, please advise - thanks. // GST nmInvEdit2.Alignment:= taRightJustify; nmInvEdit2.AllowBlank:= False; nmInvEdit2.DecimalSeparator:= '.'; nmInvEdit2.DecimalPrecision:= 2; // GST Columns.Add; Columns.Items[i].FieldName:= 'GST'; Columns.Items[i].Visible:= True; Columns.Items[i].Title.Alignment:= taRightJustify; Columns.Items[i].Title.Caption:= '$GST'; Columns.Items[i].Width:= 100; Columns.Item
  3. Hi, I want to know how to read the text in a uniedit or unicombobox during editing when used in a column in unidbgrid. Using extEvent don't give me text except for the event "data" useful for remote queries. I need to manage and change edit text when data is no present in remote query, but ther is no possibility in dbgrid's unicombobox..... There are ways for manage events in controls embedded in grids? jeans_larghi (Sesamo Software collaborator)
  4. Hi I'm having a problem with the Editor component on the grid columns. I use the editor in a very similar way then the code sample Grid-Filter2, But there is a behavior that has changed and i could not solve it. In the current version of Unigui when the mouse is over the column Header the Editor immediately gains focus. But in older versions this doesn't happen and I need the old behavior. There is a solution to that? I've messed around with the editor component without success. I dont quite know if the problem is clear, but just run the grid-filter2 on the curent
  5. Hi: Could you help me with the following problem: I have an Editor (UniDateTimePicker component) associated with a column of a UniDbGrid. One of the validations when saving the record is that the Date field ("Comienzo" in the attached example) does not have a loaded date. If it has the loaded date, it generates a message warning the user of this and makes an "Abort" command so that it does not perform the saving. Now, if in the "Comienzo" column I erase the date, leaving the field visually empty, when I want to save the record again, the field still has the original value, it is not delet
  6. Hi, Could you please tell me how to fill column of unimdbgrid with selected values. In mobile version there doesn't seem to work if I do the folowing: gridDelilnik.Columns[2].Editor:= unimSelect; //unimSelect is TUnimSelect with filled Items property OR gridDelilnik.Columns[2].PickList:= unimSelect.Items; //unimSelect is TUnimSelect with filled Items property What is the correct way to fill grid columns with wanted values from code. It seems I cannot access Column EditorItems from code.
  7. I have a TUnimDBListGrid (DBListGrid) and I want to bind a custom editor TUnimDBToggle (DNCToggle) which is present on a hidden panel to a boolean field 'DNC' - please show me how - thanks. ... if UpperCase(TAccessListGrid(DBListGrid).Columns.FieldName) = UpperCase('DNC') then begin TAccessListGrid(DBListGrid).Columns.Visible:= True; TAccessListGrid(DBListGrid).Columns.Width:= 80; TAccessListGrid(DBListGrid).Columns.Editor:= DNCToggle; us:= TAccessListGrid(DBListGrid).Columns.Title; us.Caption:= 'DNC'; us.Alignment:= TAlignme
  8. Hi I am trying to build a grid with multiple inline editors like memo, text, date time picker etc.. This form will behave as a base and will be inherited by many other child forms. I am unable to find a way to specify a value in UniDBGrid.Editor property? Can you explain a procedure to do so?? Thanks & Regards,
  9. Hi Farshad, working with latest release; Some issue and needs (all in the dbgrid): Tab or navigate in a dbgrid row while editing: Pressing tab or any key in a next/previous fields not go to editing; it works only with [enter] or [click] inside. dgInsert: Pressing the down arrow on last row is no longer possible to add automatically a new row in a dbgrid. UpdateRowDataset : it is very useful if you insert a method that update the underline dataset fields when leave a modified cell (optionally used on onexit of cell), so we can calculate or modify other fields in the record and s
  10. A fantastic feature that is missing and that many who develop systems for database and want much, is to use a TUniDbLookupComboBox in grid as Editor, allowing the user to search. Today I have to create other screen to enable the user to select list elements. Another thing is the Grid, allow to enter the data into it without using the mouse, as it does in excel. The grid acts catching and often forced to use the mouse. This decreases much productivity.
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