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Found 5 results

  1. Dear Friends, A simple example of implementation DateTimepicker for Sencha Touch: Source: https://github.com/tomalex0/senchatouch-datetimepickerv2 Demo: http://tomalex0.github.com/senchatouch-datetimepickerv2 How to use: 1. Download the following files and add these files to the directory "/files": https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tomalex0/senchatouch-datetimepickerv2/master/ux/DateTime.js https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tomalex0/senchatouch-datetimepickerv2/master/ux/DateTimePicker.js 2. and add these files to your project (CustomFiles...): files/DateTime.js files/DateTimePicker.js 3. UnimDatePicker1.DateFormat := "dd/MM/yyyy H:i" 4. UnimDatePicker1 -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents .. beforeInit fn: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.picker = Ext.create('Ext.ux.picker.DateTime', { useTitles: false, doneButton: true, cancelButton: true, minuteInterval : 1, //slotOrder: ['month', 'day', 'year','hour','minute'], toolbar: { //items : datetimepickettoolbaritems } }); } It can also be applied to UnimDBDatePicker (as in the screenshot)... Try, Best regards.
  2. I realized that by default in the unidatetimepicker when you type the day it completes with the month and current year, when you type the day and month it fills the year, this without having to inform the bar, however for the brazil pattern when you type the day and month it does not fill in correctly, for example, if you type 0806 and type tab, it fills 08/06/2020, how do I make it fill correctly according to the Brazilian standard? DateFormat is configured this way: dd / MM / yyyy
  3. Hello It would be nice to have more options for filtering DBGrids. For example, for a column of the DBGrid to have 2 UniEdits available for composing the filter (to filter all the values between the values introduced in edits for a numeric field). Something like: Column.Filtering.Editor := uedt1; Column.Filtering.Editor2 := uedt2; Also, I try to set for a column, the Filtering.Editor equal to a TUniDateTimePicker component but it dosen't seem to work. It is possible something like that? Thank you, Daniel
  4. Hi everybody, I got a request from a user and he is asking if it is possible to get a select sound for the dropdown and datetimepicker controls when using them in runtime? i did not see any properties for this. Best Regards
  5. Hi everybody, I'm trying to change the range for the Year in the mobile datetimepicker but i can't get it to work, i tried to change the minYear and maxYear property but the maxYear is always 2016? Best Regards Christian
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