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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I use UNIGUI build It's nesessary to catch user's clicks on DBTreeGrid column with checkboxes, but CellClick event doesn't triggered for such column Why? Is it normal behavior? I've tried to enable Editing option for my TreeGrid but it doesn't help. Tried CellClick also on UniDBTreeGrid2 on "Capital" column in demo project (\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\Grid - DBTreeGrid), result is the same. Thanks for any help!
  2. Good evening! Is there any chance of getting an example of a drag & drop functionality inside one DBTreeGrid (or any other DBGrid) for changing the sort, moving the position inside one dataset? Thanks in advance! Gerhard
  3. Is it possible to add a different image to each Line of the UniDBTreeGrid according to my IF ELSE conditionals, just as we do in UniTreeView?
  4. 您好: 我在使用DBTreeGrid的过程中发现,当对DBTreeGrid的数据进行增加时,DBTreeGrid刷新后,滚动条总是停留在顶部,而没有根据当前记录的位置进行更新,请问我应该怎样处理才能让滚动条正确显示位置,而不是总停留到顶部? 附件是正确的位置和目前存在问题的截图,希望等到您的帮助, 谢谢! 1:目前的位置(错误的位置) 2:理想的位置(正确的位置)
  5. Hallo, I would like - for example - to get the value of the cell (Row 3 Column 2) and compare it with cell (Row 8, column 2). Background: I made a drag & drop function for UniDBTreeGrid with Ajax before-Drop event but I dont know, how could I access this values to accomplish the drag & Drop within my database (Ids, Sortnumbers) Thanks a lot! Gerhard
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