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Found 19 results

  1. I have the following code: procedure TMainForm.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin UniButton1.Color := clRed; end; However the button color does not change. How can I change the background color?
  2. How do I change the color of pagecontrol's tab, text and close icon? moving here I managed to change the color, but I am not in the whole tab, only a part .... this using the class x-tab-wrap: background-color ...
  3. I want to set the Bar Brush Color on a Chart BarSeries - please advise - thanks. My Delphi code:- UniBarSeries1.Title:= 'Processed'; UniBarSeries1.XLabelsSource:= 'DepartmentName'; UniBarSeries1.YValues.ValueSource:= 'ServicedCalls'; UniBarSeries1.YValues.Brush.Color:= clBlue; this is what I want to achieve but no such property - FAILS ? UniBarSeries1.DataSource:= UniMainModule.DataSource1; My Ajax Code (copied from pie example - FAILS ?): function chart.beforeInit(sender, config) { config.series = [ { type: "bar", highlight: true,
  4. mos

    CSS Color Issue

    I have a MainForm which contains a TUniLabel called lblHeader. In my external CSS file I have the following: .lblHeader { color: red !important; } Now if I don't have the !important the red color does not get applied to the label. The issue I have is I need to in code to be able to change the color of the label from red to blue in code. I tried the following code but it did not work: lblHeader.JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.setStyle("color","blue");'); The above does work if I remove the !important for the red but the color red doesn't get applied. I also tried:
  5. Hello How to change the text color of the marked item in the unitreemenu?
  6. Good Morning, I'm trying to change the color of the field when I get focus, I can not. Could you send me an example of how to do it. Thank you very much Amaro
  7. i have a pagecontrol component in a separate unit set as frame. the mainmodule of the application has the theme set but the page control tabs are not changing their color. does anyone know why this is so? thanks!
  8. How to change the color of the button? In the web version I use the css below, but on the mobile does not work? function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.cls='btAzul'; } .btAzul { width:120px; height:30px; background: #1E90FF; border: 5px solid #1E90FF; /* borda branca em volta */ margin: auto; /* centraliza com bordas automáticas nas laterais */ text-align: center; /* centraliza o texto */ font-family: Source Sans Pro; /* fonte */ font-size: 16px; /* tamanho da fonte */ color: #1E90FF; /* cor fonte */ border: 1px solid #ccc; border-col
  9. Hello, I would like when disabling the panel component the items inside do not change color att, Amaro
  10. Hello, how do I change the background color of a button? The TuniSpeedButton component has the Color option, however, the selected color does not. Thank you.
  11. is it possible to change button background color on runtime?
  12. I am trying to have custom colors on custom template - please advise - thanks. config.itemTpl = new Ext.XTemplate ( { '<table class="gridCustom">'+ '<tr>'+ '<td width="269px" style="color: var({[this.getColor(values)]}); text-align:left; height:80%">{[this.getStreet(values)]}</td>'+ '<td width="60px" style="text-align:left; height:80%">{[this.getNAH(values)]}</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '</table>', { getColor: function(values) { if(values[3] == 1) return 'blue';
  13. Hi everyone, how do I change the background color of Hint? In normal Delphi, I use the command: application.hintColor : = clYellow ...and it gets ok. But in uniGUI this command is not working. Thank you
  14. Hello good afternoon, I would like to know how to change the font and colors of a dbgrid line at run time. for example, if any field in the dataset is of a format to change the color of the dbrid. Best regards Anderson Manoel Ribas Brazil
  15. Hi, Change the border color of the selected component. It's possible? See attached image. Thanks
  16. Is there any way to include a tunidbgrid color combo? See image below Thanks Zanona
  17. Get border color? How do I find out the border color of a component? Thanks Zanona
  18. Alguien sabe como colorear un renglón seleccionado de un TUniStringGrid ?
  19. Hello, how do I set the color of a button, regardless of the theme used? can be "uniButton" or "uniBitBtnButton" Leandro
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