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Found 14 results

  1. Olá pessoal! Estamos criando no Mobile uma lista de lojas para que possamos selecionar a loja ou as lojas que desejamos. Nessa lista foi usado um scroll + checkbox criados dinamicamente, só que o checkbox ficou do lado esquerdo do texto e queríamos do lado direito. Ficaremos gratos. Obrigado.
  2. Please can checkbox support be added to Mobile/Touch components - TUnimDBGrid / TunimDBList etc, similar to TUniDBGrid. This feature is a "must have", to allow users to multi-select records in a dataset, on mobile apps. Thanks Rafick
  3. Здравствуйте. Существует две реализации одного проекта "Desktop" версия и "Web" версия. Для реализации функционала работы с вводом параметров запроса в базу данных в Web версии проекта необходимо отобразить CheckBox в заголовке поля (TUniDBGridColumn). Например вот так это реализовано в "Desktop" версии проекта (используется TcxDBVerticalGrid - DevExpress VCL): ВОПРОСЫ: 1. Есть ли возможность реализовать такое в UniDBVerticalGrid? Обходные пути через ClientEvents -> ExtEvents? 2. Как обработать изменение состояния CheckBox (OnChange)? За
  4. Hi , I have simple form with checkbox and edit. While I moving on form by mouse clicking it works correctly , but with tab key unicheckbox doesn't blur after losing focus and looks like it has focus I can do this by add listener to that checkbox with unievent like that function afterCreate(sender) { sender.addListener('blur', function(){ this.displayEl.removeCls('x-form-checkbox-focus') }); } My question is if it can be done once by some Ext.form.field.Checkbox.prototype for whole application or it is a bug ? I don't want to add this for each checkb
  5. I have a Mobile DBListGrid custom template that uses checkboxes and I need to increase the checkbox size - please advise how - thanks. CustomCSS.Add('.gridCustom '); CustomCSS.Add('{ '); CustomCSS.Add(' min-height: 22px !important; '); CustomCSS.Add(' height: 26px !important; '); CustomCSS.Add(' line-height: 1.1 !important; '); // I would assume here instead of there (makes no difference) CustomCSS.Add('} '); config.itemTpl = new Ext.XTemplate ( '<table class="gridCustom">'+ '<tr>'+ '<td width="269px" style="text-align:left; he
  6. Hi! How to can i select manually a row in a dbgrid? I'm using dgCheckSelect and dbcheckSelectCheckOnly in options property. I'm using trial edition, version
  7. Hi, I am trying to add a CheckBox to a Grid PagingBar (all good so far) and now need an Ajax Notification Change Listener - please advise - Thanks in advance. function pagingBar.afterCreate(sender) { sender.add([ { xtype: 'tbseparator' }, { xtype: "checkboxfield", fieldLabel: '', labelWidth: "0px", inputValue: '0', id: "checkboxID", width: 20, listeners: { change: function(el, v) { ajaxRequest(sender, "_checkboxChange", ["val=]) } }
  8. I had a topic on TListView and no replies I am in dire need to have a list shown to the user and to let the user "checkmark" the items they want. THEN I have a button that processes all the items that are checkmarked. How to do this? I know that in the stringgrid, I can click on several items to select "multiple" items, BUT, if the user then accidentally clicks on another item, then it messes up the selections. They are too fragile and the user can mess up the selections without realizing it. So, a checkbox is more intuitive and you can easily see what's checked and what's not che
  9. Hello, Is TUniTreewView support checkbox? and can change font and/or color etc. of node(s) in delphi if Node.Checked then ?????.color:= clred; and where ????? which event(s)???? Is it possible share code how to do? really so hard learn unigui without any document. Thank you.
  10. The checkbox<boolean> field in a DBGrid doesn't not work as expected. There are TWO problems. PROBLEM #1: I would expect that when I click right inside the checkbox, that it will change it's status<from checked to unchecked>. But sadly, this is NOT the case. Example: 1. Load up the sample demo app that has the Grids, 2. Then CLICK INSIDE the checkbox of the "Boolean Field", it's like the 4th or 5th column. Keep clicking it until you see the checkmark CHANGE it's status. 3. NOW move the mouse one row down and click INSIDE the checkbox. You will notice that the
  11. Checkbox triggering and change value on focus (when navigation with enter), like that he just received the focus without changing the value. Does anyone have any suggestions? attached example Test Focus Checkbox.rar
  12. Checkbox triggering and change value on focus (when navigation with enter), like that he just received the focus without changing the value. Does anyone have any suggestions? attached example
  13. UniDbbgrid with Checkbox + manages the selected rows (Mr. Bresler). I will start by saying that it is not the result of my work, in fact I have only assembled a few ideas. I have only made minor changes(any lines of code) to TuniZdbgrid.pas (Mr. Farshad Mohajeri), TMyUniXdbgrid.pas (Mr. Bresler). Thanks to all !! thanks also to PatMap for UniXDbgrid. I hope that Mr. Farshad Mohajeri may have the time to provide as soon as possible a Unigui UniDBGRID component more efficient. Tested only with Delphi XE3 and Unigui However, I think it
  14. create an html checkbox with a label as I can get the value if true or false in run mode with unigui? I did this because I am working with firebird and this does not support boolean fields. this is in the event of the DataSource onGetText Text: = '<input type="checkbox" name="option1" value="1"> <br>';
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