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  1. Dear, I sent many times of email to support that without any reply. So I post the message here. Is it possible to change my register email address to other?
  2. Hi, Needn't convert from 2-tier to 3-tier when using UniGui? In my understand, HyperServer should handle the traffic load balancing. So it need not to using MiddleWare for handle load balancing. Am I right? Thanks!
  3. Any event to trigger the UniFrame? In VCL, form has OnShow event or OnActivate event. So I can use it for checking. But UniGui hasn't this feature.
  4. Hi, User click the button to change the display language. If UniPageControl already created the number of tabsheets, how to change the uniLabels for those created tabsheets? Or which tabsheet is active then refresh the uniLabel language.
  5. Hi, Main form has 1 button for change the UniLabel in UniPageControl all tabsheets. Is it possible to do this? Or only trigger in the activepage. Let activepage to check the variable and then change the UniLabel.
  6. Sorry that I'm difficult to prepare the simple testcase. Because create the fields and dbgrid columns for multiple tabsheets by query runtime. Besides, using Stored procedure with multiple dataset to assign to Clientdatasets. But I found the problem come from "DisplayMemo = true" option when create the dbgrid column. If I remove this option. It is normal without problem.
  7. Hi, If column width 50 and field data length is over 60, it can't show the full row in bottom of UniDBGrid. If I set column width to 100, then it can show normal at the last row.
  8. Hi, I found uniDBGrid can't show the last record if column width is less than data content.
  9. Hi, Please ignore my issue. I found the solution. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have the query that need to process lot of data. If user doesn't wait it and click query again or many times, then it has the problem. How to show the progress bar when click the query button? After complete the query, it will close the progress bar automatically. Thanks
  11. Noted with thanks. Wait for your new update information.
  12. Hi, I prepared the testcase for your reference. Please check "UniTabSheet2". It has 2 problems. Once is delay when expand the UniPanel. Second is wrong Panel Height. I need to using "UniPanel.Height := UniPanel.Height + 30" under "UniFrameReady" that to show all contents testPanel.7z
  13. Hi, Sorry that I overlooked to this. Thanks
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