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  1. rhennink

    TUnistringgrid - highlight row and column on cell focus

    YEs!!!! thnx, thnx a lot!!!!
  2. rhennink

    TUnistringgrid - highlight row and column on cell focus

    thnx!! really appreciated!
  3. rhennink

    TUnistringgrid - highlight row and column on cell focus

    HI, I have upgraded my UniGui to version, and a lot of CSS tokens are changed, so that also this one isn't working anymore .. I tried to solve this part, but am failing so far. do you have perhaps an updated version of this code for the new version?? RIchard
  4. rhennink

    Show rowbased hint/tooltip in UniDBGrid

    Sure! thnx!! In this UniDBGrid we show the detail-data of the PlanningLines. When selecting a Row (so the PlanningLine) I would like to show a tooltip/hint referring to the remark-field of the database-line. in short; when changing the row in the DBGrid, the tooltip.hint should changed with the remark-value of the line.
  5. H, I would like to show a rowbased hint/tooltip in the UniDBGrid. how can I arrange this? richard
  6. Hi, I have something weird ;-) When I do the init of a TUnistringGrid en add some column in the grid. At this moment I fill the values of the columns with the start-values via grdData.Columns[iCol].Title.Caption := 'startvalue xxxxx' But when I put a button on the form, and try to update this column (again via grdData.Columns[iCol].Title.Caption := 'bbbbb';) the header is not updated. when I debug i can see that the value is set correctly, but it is not visible on the screen. Can i refresh this column (header) so the value is visible?? Richard
  7. rhennink

    TUnistringgrid - highlight row and column on cell focus

    GREAT solution!! thnx a lot!!
  8. HI, Is it possible to highlight the complete row and the complete column of the currently selected cell in a TUniStringGrid?? Richard
  9. rhennink

    TUniStringGrid - Merge Cells on first row

    could be an option ;-) ; i Understand that this is not ye possible the UniStringGrid? (I have seen the examples with the dbgrid version ;-) )
  10. rhennink

    TUniStringGrid - Merge Cells on first row

    Attached the both files (how it is now, and how we would like to see) Richard
  11. Hi, I would like merge the cells (in block of 3) on the first (column header) row in a TUniStringGrid. Is this possible with TUniStringGrid?? (see attachment for what is happening now) I placed the white-text now in the middle of the 3 columns, but would to merge the column left and right of it. Or be possible to 'write' the text over the 3 columns. any ideas? Richard
  12. Hi, I would like to do some more drawing on the Cell in TUniStringGrid. For example, I would like to draw a Border around a Cell if it has a specific value, or to draw a small rectangle in it. How can we do that?? Ricahrd
  13. rhennink

    Calendar with regional daynames

    HI, thank you for your reply. (the left bar was already 24 hrs notation), but how can I change the formatting in the CalendarEvents itelf? this show 12:00 AM instead of 0:00 and 9:00am instead of 09:00
  14. Hi, I'm now using this in Delphi-COde to set the activeview of a Calendar component. UniSession.AddJS(calCalendar.JSName + '.setActiveView(0);'); Wat is the oppositie to read the Activeiew (function is called GetActiveView) xxxxxxJS(calCalendar.JSName + '.getActiveView();');