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  1. I thought the office added me as a authorized user. The main user is randy.sill@vas.com I will check with them. Question, in the form above it only has a place for one email but two of us are using it. Is there a way to have two people's emails. Thanks, Ed
  2. Sherzod sorry I didn't realize I used my personal email. It's changed.
  3. How would I keep the column widths in my dbgrid to not get smaller than they were set at design time. My dbgrid is wider than the form and unless I make the width of the form longer than the grid then it gets cut off. I've tried a bunch of things. Scrollbox, panels....I've tried so many things I'm lost. Any help would be great. Ed Version 10.3
  4. I porting over my app from intraweb to uniGui and I'm trying to get the mysql blob field to display text instead of BLOB. I've tried DisplayMemo and a combination of other properties like ForceFit to get it to display like the fish demo. Any idea of what of what I'm missing? Thank Ed Unigui xe10.3
  5. Thanks I figured it out. Had to set EnableSynchronousOperations := True;
  6. I have the MultiColumnSort working on my grid but I wondering how to clear it on the fly. Thanks, Ed
  7. I'm trying to figure out the best method to handle continuing process once a showmodal form is closed. Much like what a normal desktop app would do. I was thinking about: 1. In MainForm click on button to open second form: procedure TfrmTransport.UniButton3Click(Sender: TObject); begin frmTransport.showmodal; ShowMessage('Done'); end; I understand showmodal is different. Another way I was thinking: 1. Set a string on what window I just opening. 2. Putting code in the MainForm.OnActive so when the mainform becomes active after second form is closed that would say that would allow me to process code after the form is closed. 3. Clearing the string. Seems like this method is a hack though. I must be missing something. Thanks for the help. Ed
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