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  1. Just another thing i am trying is to send the images over websocket to the client and then apply to the UniImage on client side. Is there a way to do this through UniGui or do i have to develop my own websocket layer?
  2. Thanks Sherzod for the prompt reply. I have read all the rtsp post and they are all pointing at HLS. we already have an HLS player that renders on the client side. that works great when we have one or two streams. Once we go above that the browser is struggling with the decoding, rendering and display. This is why i am trying to do that hard work on the server side using an NVidia GPU and just passing images to the client to display. I have a thread that is running on the server side and updating the UniImage component but the image on the client does not change. So the full pipelin
  3. Hi all I am new to UniGui and thus far I am very impressed. We are trying to create a video player with overlay from RTSP source. So the server is developed to connect to and RTSP source and receive H.264 video then decode and render some graphics. The result is a bitmap every 40msec. I am applying this to the UniImage component on the client side but a do not see any update until a button is clicked. I am using the assign method: VideoPlayerFrameWeb1->OutputImageWeb->Picture->Assign(VideoPlayerFrameWeb1->OutputImage->Bitmap); I looked through the comments on oth
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