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  1. Hi, I'm using installshield to install the runtime and theme pack. Is there a registry key to check if unigui is installed and what version so that I can skip installation if it is installed?? Thanks,
  2. Hi, Thanks for the help. Unfortunately it does not help. I have to re-create a submenu so I changed your example to: for i := SubMenu.Count-1 downto 0 do begin for j := SubMenu[i].Count-1 downto 0 do SubMenu[i].Delete(j); SubMenu.Delete(i); end; But that results in the entire menu dissapearing. Using the BeginUpdate and/or SourceMenu := 0 has no effect, the menu stays blank.
  3. Hmm ok, the frist two deal with hiding existing items and not adding them. I tried the last option but that removes all menu items. I only need to remove or add to a certain subment. No idea how to do that in JS... Thanks,
  4. Hi, I've set up a redirect URL for my Oauth2 authentication. After authentication, everything works fine but the URL is set up to go to localhost:8077. This takes me to the login screen. How can I bypass the login screen and stay in the same session I was in before the redirect? Thanks
  5. The sampel is nice but it does not fill in the corrent client ID and Secret. That needs to be done after clicking the button
  6. Hi, Thanks for the response. When I remove those 4 lines, the menu is not refreshed when I add items. I need to preforma a simpel task, add a menuitem to the menu and refresh it. Thanks,
  7. Hi, See the attached sample project. After clicking, you'll see that at the bottom the whole menu is duplicated from the Home button down again. UniMenuTest.zip
  8. Hi, Newbie user and looks great! I'm tring to update a TUniTreeMenu inside the event handler of a menu item. When I do this, the entire menu is ducplicated. I have tried: UniTreeMenu1.BeginUpdate; UniTreeMenu1.SourceMenu := nil; MyMenuItems.Clear; etc. MyMenuItems is a sub menu. What am I doing wrong?
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