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  1. It works!!!!!!!!! Finally!! Thank you!!!!! ❤❤ You are the best!
  2. Don't works. With this appoach the unimdbedit becomes readonly and I can't enter
  3. It is a mobile application..I can't use desktop components
  4. Ok. But how is possible to force keyboard invisibile in a unimdbedit but to allow to the user to insert value?
  5. Is a handheld with scanner barcode and O.S. Android with a physical numeric keyboard. When the user uses a unimdbedit for a number the virtual keyboard must be invisible. Similarity to this:
  6. No. In a form I have 10 unimdbedit. In some of this I want use only physical keyboard, in the other I want use virtual keyboard. None of the controls need to be readonly
  7. If I write this function focus(sender, e, eOpts) { sender.blur(); } the unimdbedit becomes readonly and it's impossibile enter with the pointer
  8. In this way the unimdbedit is readOnly. I need to setfocus on field and insert value with phisical keyboard
  9. How can I hide the virtual keyboard on unimdbedit? I want to use physical keyboard when the user enters in a certain unimdbedit I tried this but unimdbedit haven't afterrender in ClientEvents
  10. I have only one column. Now I resolve with but is there an other way?
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