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  1. Ok imagine I'm using the trial version )) Can you help me?
  2. DoubleFacePalm Do you get tired of giving this question every time? 1534 version
  3. @zilav , @Hayri ASLAN Good evening. Can I implement this event? Can you help for double clicking? I found this event from sencha doc "pivotitemdoubletap" but I don't know how use it like your sample with ajaxevent This code doesn't work for me With UniDBPivotGrid1, JSInterface do begin JSAddListener('pivotitemcelldoubletap', JSFunction('a,b', 'ajaxRequest('#1', "onSelect", ["bdata="+b.data["ext-35"]]);')) end;
  4. nobody knows? This example shows how disable https://examples.sencha.com/extjs/7.0.0/examples/kitchensink/?classic#collapsible-pivot-grid But I can;t use it for Unigui // set to "false" to make groups on rows uncollapsible collapsibleRows: false, // set to "none" to disable subtotals for groups on rows rowSubTotalsPosition: 'none', // set to "false" to make groups on columns uncollapsible collapsibleColumns: false, // set to "none" to disable subtotals for groups on columns colSubTotalsPosition: 'none', // Set
  5. Hi, How disable collapsibleRows Pivotgrid? Unibdgrid has property CollapsibleRows and CollabsibleColumnts but thiis is not work My unigui version is 1534.. I try like this but not work on create form and onready form and onshow events not work UniDBPivotGrid1.JSInterface.JSConfig('collapsibleRows', ['false']); UniDBPivotGrid1.JSInterface.JSConfig('collapsibleColumns',['false']);
  6. Hi all In this method Don't work debug analyzer Delphi I can't see which line errors hapened
  7. ReaderF

    Reverse proxy

    in unigui serverput are you settings /almacen /nomina when compiling?
  8. ReaderF

    Queue management

    Hi how design database?
  9. ReaderF

    tms xdata

    Try HORSE micro framework
  10. Если грид только для отображение попробуйте через view или селект с joinom
  11. Try use restrequest4delphi https://blogs-embarcadero-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/blogs.embarcadero.com/powerful-open-source-restrequest4delphi-makes-rest-easy-in-delphi/amp/
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