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  1. OK i get this version from friend to test Rad Studion 10.2, so i don't now if it's pirated one or not But I analyse this issue and i find this ( opera debug log) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- localhost/:11 Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/plain: "http://localhost:8077/uni-". (index):28 Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/plain: "http://localhost:8077/uni-". (index):29 Resource interpreted
  2. Hi Excuse me I'm analyzing the FileExplorer example it nearly what i need (will see how to use unistringgrid in place of dbgrid). Will return with solution i find Thanks for your help
  3. not in scop of this project I like something like I tried this ( i mean the GridMultiSelect demo) but don't gave what i need in mys vcl is use some thing like this n=0..rowcount-1 mystringGrid.Selected.SubItems[n]
  4. hi Excuse me yes Staff it was my compiler probleme but steel Ask about selected and listview
  5. Hi every One Merry Christmas I start to convert very big project from VCL to UniGui bat I find some problems to convert VCL DBgrid and StringGrid . In uniGuui there is no Rowcount property for both component also there is no selected Row proprieties. So if thre is some one how had implmente those proprieties can only show how to do this . Also i remarque that until now UniGui don't implement VCL Listview ? Thanks
  6. It's the last trial posted I think 0.97. I start with removing all old version the last beta i install was 0.95 Thanks
  7. Hi, I can't install 0.98 trial on studio XE7. I get this error : [dcc32 Fatal Error] uniGUI21Core.dpk(82): F2051 Unit uniGUITypes was compiled with a different version of Ext.TExtComponent Thanks
  8. hi, I can't download the attachment can you send it to my members email thanks
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