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  1. Hello guys, I'm using Report Builder for printing. It's all done and printing on my computer, but on the Free Tier server on amazon, the print comes out on a bank. It is printing as in the example. The strangest thing is that by placing the demo project, it prints correctly. I reviewed the properties of the components, they are the same and I don't know what it can be, does anyone have any tips? I even took the RTM in the demo to use on mine, but did not print it, nor did it show the PDF, it kept loading until it crashed. Thanks in advance.
  2. i did! On editors gridonKeyDown gridPrecos.CurrCol := gridPrecos.CurrCol - 1; gridPrecos.SetFocus; cdsPrecos.Edit; and gridPrecos.CurrCol := gridPrecos.CurrCol + 1; gridPrecos.SetFocus; cdsPrecos.Edit; Thanks!
  3. Yes, both are in edit mode. The tab key does what I want. But I would like you to do this same behavior with enter. And I have Editor in both
  4. Hello guys, I have this dbgrid where the MARGIN and PRECO columns are editable, when pressing ENTER in the edit above, the focus goes to the dbgrid in edit mode, when pressing ENTER in the MARGIN column, I would like you to move to the PRECO column already in edit mode and when pressing ENTER on PRECO, move to the next line in the MARGIN column in edit mode, does anyone know how to do it? ibb.co/gWMgRn5
  5. Hello, I have the following scenario: A list of financial documents for the customer to select some. With each selection, I take the PK from the document and put it in a list inside a controller. This object is loaded from the database and the total of the selected list is presented to the user on the screen. The problem occurs when an item in the grid is cleared. After deselecting, the SelectionChange event is invoked, however, when it arrives at that event, the item selected in the grid is no longer the unchecked item, but the first item selected, in case there is still another item selected. That way I can no longer get the PK of the unmarked item. What can I do in this case to get the PK by deselecting?
  6. It would be interesting to be able to call manually because it may be necessary to put information, for example: 'More data', 'Items' or anything else
  7. Woww!! I've tried a few things already but nothing works. Thanks!
  8. I would like to create a form that behaves like TUniPopup. Put any control inside it, TUniEdit, TUniButton, TUniDBGrid. For more or less this: Step 1: Normal Form: Step 2: Open popup form: If I click anywhere on the form in step 1, the popup form is closed. I know that if you put click routines on the form, it could work, but on a screen that could call 2-4 forms popup it would be bad, I would like something more automatic. Something like this too:
  9. I have 2 forms, A and B. To show "Form A" call "Form B" with the procedure. When I click on "Form A" again, I want "Form V" to be closed or hidden automatically. It is possible? Same with TuniPopup itself
  10. Hi, does anyone know the reason for this in the video. The system generates the data in the dataset, but it is not visible. https://www.loom.com/share/bc4e4a02302f4539bbec12f7b093fdc5 Thanks!
  11. On my login screen, the username and password is saved by google. I have another form where it is necessary to inform the user and user password again to perform the operation. On this screen, the password is loaded by google. After confirming the login details there is a problem with google chrome stating that there was a password violation. I would like to know if it is in this user validation screen, do not bring the loaded password (in the same case as the login screen) and avoid this problem of violation, but continuing to save the password at login normally. Thanks in advance.
  12. Folks, I have this frame that is inside this popup form, the enter does not work to go to the next field, not even the tab. The Form is configured Position = poDefault KeyPreview = True NavigateKeys.Enabled = True NavigateKeys.Prior.Key = 13 NavigateKeys.Prior.ShiftState = [ussShift] NavigateKeys.Next.Key = 13 NavigateKeys.Next.HandleBrowser = True MonitoredKeys.Keys = <> Movable = False The frame is placed at run time. What intrigues me most is that injecting the frame in this way, directly into the main form, works correctly Does anyone know what can it be ?
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