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  1. Thank you, I found the instructions for a complete reinstallation on XE11.1 ....
  2. Good morning, I wanted to know if version 1 .. it can be installed on Delphi Xe 11.1 Thank you
  3. Unfortunately, we have been waiting for management for some years simple of the localstorage .....
  4. If I have to switch from day to week view, how should I proceed?
  5. why the call does not work on TUnimCalendarPanel calCalendar.JSInterface.JSCall ('setView', ['day']); while on TUniCalendarPanel it works correctly? Thank you
  6. I am currently using version Opening your demo Touch \ calendar Panel, this is not the problem exists
  7. Good evening, within a mobile project I added a frame containing TUnimCalendarPanel. Now when starting the application I find the attached error. What is the cause? Thank you
  8. I have set the properties unimNumberEdit1.JSInterface.JSConfig ('decimals', [2]); unimNumberEdit1.JSInterface.JSConfig ('inputType', ['any']); But it does not work... Why doesn't it accept decimal values? Thanks
  9. You're right.... I slept.... TKs
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