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  1. I was able to add these two public procedures to TUniMap in uniMap.pas: procedure TUniMap.SetCrossHairCursor; begin JSCallGlobal('$("#'+FMapJSName+'").css', ['cursor','crosshair']) end; procedure TUniMap.ResetCursor; begin JSCallGlobal('$("#'+FMapJSName+'").css', ['cursor','']); end; And calling them works. Reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14106687/how-do-i-change-the-default-cursor-in-leaflet-maps Not sure if this is the best way, but seems to work.
  2. Hello, I'm unable to set the background cursor icon in UniMap. It always remains the hand icon. The UniMap.Cursor property does not seem to be linked? Is there another property, or method to use? I want to capture some vectors, and want to switch to a cross-hair icon during the capturing, switching back to the default hand icon, at the end. Currently using UniGUI from Delphi 10.3 Thanks, Alex
  3. Hi I have developed a 32bit UniGUI EXE app running as nodes on the 64bit HyperService. I prefer to leave the nodes at 32bit for various reasons and dependencies. For SSL Support, HyperServiceneeds to find the 64bit edition of the OpenSSL libraries (libeay32.dll & ssleay32.dll). My 32bit UnGUI app uses the 32bit libpq.dll library to talk to PostgreSQL. However libpq.dll needs to find the 32bit edition of the same OpenSSL libararies. Having both the 32bit & 64bit OpenSSL libraries in the same startup folder is not possible, as they have the same filenames. I can put
  4. Using [startpath]\root.pem or [startpath]root.pem does not work. Only using the absolute (full) path seems to work.
  5. Adding the absolute paths to the .pem files, in hyper_service.ssl.cfg solves the problem! Can one add some generic name, such as [startpath]\root.pem, etc?
  6. Hi I have exactly the same problem. With HyperServer.exe (64bit) , SSL starts fine with the 32bit nodes. I'm using a self signed certificate for testing, as per the instructions in the uniGUI Developer Manual. However when I start the HyperService service, I get the same error message as sertacb, above. I'm using uni- (Professional). I'm using the same content in the hyper_service.cfg as the hyper_server.cfg, with the same same details in the hyper_service.ssl.cfg as in the hyper_server.ssl.cfg. Also when setting SSL.Enabled = False in hyper_service.ssl.cfg all
  7. Hi Hayri, let me do more research what is possible with Leaflet.
  8. Hello, is there maybe existing or planned support to cache maps on mobile devices when using the UniMap control? The requirement is to download a map when online, but then do panning, zooming, and GPS data capturing while internet offline. Thanks
  9. Indeed, it works very well, tested using latest Chrome on Windows and Edge. I wrote some code to convert the base64 data to .png file. One more thing that was not clear in previous threads was to add a relative path reference to html2canvas.js under the CustomFiles property of the UniServerModule
  10. Thanks Sherzod, yes I was looking at this demo and the other Printscreen tagged articles on this forum, but implementing them, none produced an image containing the content of the web maps from the UniMap component. After more research I found a solution. The {useCORS: true} entry needs to be added to the solution of freedowsRoO above, and then it works for me. UniMap1.JSInterface.JSCode( 'html2canvas(document.querySelector("#'+ UniMap1.JSId +'"),{useCORS: true}).then(function(canvas) {'+ 'ajaxRequest('#1',"getData",["base64Data="+canvas.toDataURL()])});'); Here is
  11. Hi, I'm trying to export an image from UniMap or UniHTMLFrame (e.g. with Google Maps) to .png to use in a PDF report. only produces a PDF of and empty map and the controls, but not the actual map in the exported .png Using the external app, on a basic javascript map, wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltoimage also only produces a blank image. Any suggestions to do this in a Delphi UniGUI Web application? Thanks
  12. I have a TUniDBGrid linked to TDataSource linked to TFDQuery linked to TFDConnection using Postgress (PG) driver with default options. I have two browser instances open with the TUniDBGrid. When I make changes in the TUniDBGrid in one browser instance, it goes all the way through to the Posgress DB. I confirmed this on the server using PGAdmin. However clicking on the TUniDBGrid refresh icon in the second browser instance does not refresh the changes. Only a whole browser refresh (CTRL-F5), loads the changes. What also works is to add a dedicated button that closes and then opens
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