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  1. Hi Farshad, sorry... We obtain this feature via code (dgInsert) like this... if key = VK_DOWN then begin if DataSource1.DataSet.RecNo = DataSource1.DataSet.RecordCount then begin if not(DataSource1.State in [dsEdit,dsInsert]) then DataSource1.DataSet.Append; end;
  2. Hi Farshad, working with latest release; Some issue and needs (all in the dbgrid): Tab or navigate in a dbgrid row while editing: Pressing tab or any key in a next/previous fields not go to editing; it works only with [enter] or [click] inside. dgInsert: Pressing the down arrow on last row is no longer possible to add automatically a new row in a dbgrid. UpdateRowDataset : it is very useful if you insert a method that update the underline dataset fields when leave a modified cell (optionally used on onexit of cell), so we can calculate or modify other fields in the record and s
  3. ok thanks. If there is news on the topic please contact me.
  4. ok thanks. Ajax error is not present, but does not work , after the second step blocks the edit. Best regards.
  5. Test case . thanks for your time . testUnigui.zip
  6. I use Firedac with Firebird database. I enter the database also within the zip file. Is it OK for you???
  7. I'm new with extjs. sorry for the mistakes.
  8. delphi XE7 64 bit. unigui version 0.99.1195 procedure TscrQuadroE1.UniComboBox1RemoteQuery(const QueryString: string; Result: TStrings); begin if (Trim(QueryString)='') and (Length(QueryString) > 49) then Exit; UniMainModule.QueryComuneGriglia.Active := false; UniMainModule.QueryComuneGriglia.Params[0].Text := UpperCase(QueryString)+'%'; UniMainModule.QueryComuneGriglia.Active := true; UniMainModule.QueryComuneGriglia.First; while not UniMainModule.QueryComuneGriglia.Eof do begin Result.Add(UniMainModule.QueryComuneGrigliaCOM_COMUNE.AsString);
  9. I did as you posted, but I get an ajax error. What is wrong? Best regards.
  10. the method getvalue() works well. For your business needs we need more control to offer our customers a multi-functional grid. We would like something the image attached. Also you need dbgrid with virtual scrolling.
  11. Error handling. Edit editable combo box with fixed list to avoid errors and to suggest only values in the list. Autocomplete also in phase cancellation. All these actions can be programmed having full control of the text.
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