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  1. thank you It has been downloaded from the server Can the downloaded installation be installed directly? There is no need to register Can I only install one machine
  2. Other websites are normal, and the speed of visiting yuotober and Facebook is very fast
  3. I download the official version of unigui from the user portal Can't download it It's the same with the VPN accelerator At the speed of 1 ~ 5 KB, the line is often dropped I don't want to use pirated ones anymore
  4. Excuse me? How to use mobile controls in tunifrom Like the tunimselect control to put it on the tunifrom form
  5. Old fellow iron: Please wear a mask in case of emergency 老铁们: 非常时期,请配带口罩,注意安全
  6. I solved the above problems UniSession.AddJS(UniURLFrame1.JSName + '.iframe.contentWindow.O109editor.getDoc().setValue(' + StrToJS(FLines.Text) + ');'); There's another problem How to send ajaxrequest in HTML script
  7. Same question UniURLFrame1.HTML: <!--核心库--> <link rel=stylesheet href="uni-"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="uni-"> <script src="uni-"></script> <!--支持主题--> <link rel="stylesheet" href="uni-"> <!--选中行亮显--> <script src="uni-"> </script> <!--匹配括号-->
  8. Find an available Pascal code highlighting text editor Tunisyntaxeditex is not easy to use Unable to locate cursor, current line cannot change line color It also conflicts with echarts rev.20200309 Thank you for your reply, I don't use tunisyntaxeditex anymore Now we use tunicustomurlframe to load codemirror-5.25 A lot of information Finally: focus line, code prompt, script debugging
  9. hi,能提供一下TUnimContainerPanel的代码不?

    想看下procedure LoadCompleted; override; 这里是怎么封装的



    TUGRunFrame = class(TUniCustomContainerPanel{TUniContainerPanel},IUGDesign,TFrameKeyEvent)


    1. 风吹小机机


          procedure ConfigJSClasses(ALoading: Boolean); override;
          procedure LoadCompleted; override;
          procedure RenderCompleted; override;

  10. There's nothing to be disappointed with Using unigui to create online development tools The above is translated by translator. If there is any mistake, please understand
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