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  1. webcis82

    Field group change caption

    Any idea about this? Regards
  2. webcis82

    Field group change caption

    Hi, just ad unimdbgrid with a grouped column.... i Would like to change the caption beetween ( ) of the grouped column. i attach an example of what i would like to change. It is possible? Regards
  3. webcis82

    Field group change caption

    There is a way to add change che group header caption? i would like to change the count number with another custom value.... Thank your Best regards
  4. webcis82


    Good morning, there a ttime edit in unigui mobile version? (Unigui 1.5) Thank you Fabio
  5. webcis82


    Hi, there is a component in Unigui mobile that works in the same way of TUniCombobox with OnRemoteQuery event? Regards, Fabio
  6. webcis82

    IOS Safari show pdf from Tstream

    Hi i use this code, in ios with safari works good, the only issue is to remember to disable "block pop-ups" in the safari settings. uses IDCoder, IDCoderMime; var MStream:TBytesStream; NomeFile:string; PdfAnsi:AnsiString; Encoder: TIdEncoderMIME; Str:String; begin QTemp.Close; QTemp.SQL.Clear; QTemp.SQL.Add('select f.file_Stream,f.name,v.DocNumber,v.DocDate from v_Blob_Fatture Where f.stream_id='''+idBlob+''''); QTemp.Open; MStream:=TBytesStream.Create; TBlobField(Qtemp.FieldByName('File_Stream')).SaveToStream(MStream); NomeFile:='Fattura '+QTemp.FieldByName('DocNumber').AsString+' del '+StringReplace(QTemp.FieldByName('DocDate').AsString,'/','_',[rfReplaceAll])+'.pdf'; if (upiPhone in UniSession.UniPlatform) or (upiPad in UniSession.UniPlatform) then Begin PdfAnsi:= TIdEncoderMIME.EncodeBytes(TIdBytes(MStream.Bytes)); Str:='var base64EncodedPdf="'+PdfAnsi+'";'; Str:=Str+'window.open("data:application/pdf;base64," +base64EncodedPdf);'; UniSession.AddJS(Str); End else Begin UniSession.SendStream(MStream,NomeFile); End; MStream.Free; QTemp.Close; End; end;
  7. webcis82

    IOS Safari show pdf from Tstream

    Solved...i have used UniSession.AddJS with this code sample: window.open("data:application/pdf;base64, " +base64EncodedPDF); Where base64EncodedPDF is the pdf stream converted with Indy using TIdEncoderMIME. On IOS works good. Regards
  8. webcis82

    IOS Safari show pdf from Tstream

    Hello, we have an issue with pdf on IOS with Safari. If the pdf file is present on the server we can show it without problem using this code in a TUniLabel : href="path+fileName.pdf" target=\"_blank\" It is possible to show the pdf in a new page directly from a TmemoryStream without saving the file (all the files are stored as blob in a sql server db) We use sendstream and work on all browsers but due to IOS download restrictions in this case the procedure does not work. Any suggestion, alternative, workaround? Thank you in advance!
  9. webcis82

    UnidbGrid Editing and paged

    Hello, it seems to work good. Thank you for your support. Best regards,
  10. webcis82

    UnidbGrid Editing and paged

    Hello, i have commercial version of Unigui ( I have a unidbgrid where i can only modify a quantity field (clickstoedit=1, RowEditor=False) All works ok but sometimes when i modify the quantity cell on the grid and i change page (without posting the value with enter), the value is not saved in the clientdataset. If for example i click a button all works ok and the value is saved. How can i force post when change page? Thank for your answer.
  11. webcis82

    UniDBGrid/filtering/"Unexpected Row number"

    I update to the latest version e the problem seems to be solved. Thank you for your support.
  12. webcis82

    UniDBGrid/filtering/"Unexpected Row number"

    Hi, I have Unigui complete pro version Best regards
  13. Hi, have a UniDBGrid with a ClientDataset filtered (field quantity<>0) When i change the quantity in the grid and i put the value 0 from a value <> 0 (and so the row disappear from the unidgrid) sometimes i get the error "Unexpected Row number". How can i solve the problem? Thank you for your information