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  1. Hello Farshad and Sherzod, I'm not a customer yet, i'm just checking Trial ( (uniGUI Equinox) and all my try's hit the same wall, UniString grid. I'm so sad because I really wanted to suggest Unigui to my boss, but I will have to suggest TMS web core instead. But, I would really prefer Unigui, because if I had myself the skills to do a web framwork I would have done it exactly like Farshad and Unigui with a server side and hyperserver. It's fantastic you have the Delphi spirit. I will probably give up, but I don't want to leave without explaining what's wrong. More exactly in this thread The last sentence is wrong. Big Big big wrong. SHerzod is very skilled and helpfull, but when he says He can't be more wrong. Because when people talk about stringgrid in fact they use TMS TadvStringgrig or Expressgrid and expect such features ! When I say feature, I mean feature, not mecanic. For exemple "widgets" are HIGHLY NEEDED. We need to be able to put progress bars by cell (not only by column) in grids and any widgets and any editors, like unidbgrid but with cells. It can be implemented another way, for exemple "widgets" like in UniDBgrid We need groups and every extra feature allready available in UniDBgrid is it really so difficult to transpose the job allready done ? If you do this I'll propably even more regret having been forced to choose TMS web core over Unigui for features, but it will be good for others and for Delphi. Good luck Farshad keep up the good work and going in the right direction. Best regards So sorry., hope my analysis will help you understand why people keep asking Chris
  2. Hi Hayri ASLAN, Either you never read the post titles, or you are a bot with predefined questions, or you need more sleep ;-) Anyway it is a corner case, only people who allready use DDetour in their own project will encounter this. And my problem is solved, my second post above is the solution. Just surprised I'm the only one, Rodrigo Ruiz vcl styles utils are very popular and also use DDetour unit https://github.com/RRUZ/vcl-styles-utils/blob/master/README.md Good night
  3. Ok I tryed again Uninstalled reinstalled Put all dcu of the trial in readonly mode compile Unitools26 fails and wants to overwrite dcu removed C:\sources\vcl-styles-utils\Common\delphi-detours-library from global search path compile ok
  4. Hello, I have decided to give a retry to Unigui to see if there are improvements to UniStringgrid (because we heavily rely on Stringgrid and don't use DB components at all) Bpl are not provided so I try to recompile. UniTools26.bpl compiles well but when I try to compile uniGUI26Core I get : uniGUI Complete Trial Edition (uniGUI Equinox) 09/01/2020 10:03:43 [dcc32 fatal error] uniGUI26Core.dpk(83): F2051 Unit uniGUIServer was compiled with a different version of DDetours.InterceptCreate I'm using Delphi RIO 10.3.3 and also have my own DDetrou elsewhere, but even after removing all aother DDetrour.dcu I still get this message. I ran out of ideas of solution, so I'm seeking help Can someone please comfirm me this lstest trial version does compile with delphi RIO 10.3.3 ?
  5. Lchris

    UniStringGrid Onmousedown

    Hi Sherzod, I will test more this evening, after my daily taks. I understand using the correct event that returns the Col/Row in first place is more efficient than asking the client for the Col/Row and waiting the answer. Even in windows VCL Onmouseevent + mousetocell is inefficient, but allows compatibility of the OnmouseDown event across differend kind of inherited components. But wth OnMouseDown you can filter the mouse Button and test the Shift state. OnCellSelect does not have this information. So OnMouseDown is still interresting. I also noticed that events do not fire in the same order : In VCL TStringGrid events fire in this order : SelectCell, MouseDown, MouseUp In Unigui TUniStringGrid events fire in the order : MouseDown, MouseUp, SelectCell I was testing this because I hoped that perhaps unlike Windows api you allready have both informations at first call, then you could bufferize them to provide the value later without having to recall the web client (obviously at mousedown X,Y and Col,Row are linked and keep the same until mouseup).
  6. Lchris

    UniStringGrid Onmousedown

    Hello, I have just downloaded the trial and started experimenting things. The product looks impressive, but I have some newbie questions. like vcl Unistringgrid has an event : MouseDown(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); where it returns X,Y coordinates of the mouse, ok.. But with the vcl I can do TCustomDrawGrid.MouseToCell(X, Y: Integer; var ACol, ARow: Longint); to retrieve the grid Col a Row from the X, Y coordinates. I did not find such a MouseToCell method for UniStringGrid ... how do I retrive the col & row inside OnMouseDown without it ? Thanks Chris PS: I have to ask this because our VCL application is very old and does not use the DB... components at all. It works well, but only relies on Tedit, Tcombobox, TlistBox, Tstringrid, poupulated manually. This is probably a "non RAD" or "anti RAD" configuration you never encountered, and because you probably focused on DB... components I have to make sure it will work for us. have a good day