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  1. Hiello Sherzod

    Forgive me for taking time to respond. Unfortunately for some diabetic problems I have been inactive.

    As I commented in my initial message, I am a newbie with UniGui. I'm sorry but I do not have the information you ask me. I have looked in the documentation that I have on hand about the code that I am modifying and I have not found it.

    The application that I have been asked to modify was already installed and I only have access to the source code. I am going to ask those who have asked me to modify this application if they can provide me with that information.

    As soon as I get that information, I'll share it with you.

    Thank you very much for your help.


  2. Hola a todos.

    Soy totalmente nuevo en el uso de UniGui y conozco poco de Delphi (aprendí pascal hace algun buen tiempo).  Donde trabajo hay una aplicación web desarrollada con Delphi y Unigui y me han pedido que agregue el despliegue de un mensaje cuando un usuario ingrese un valor a un campo y salga de el.  Se que esto puede parecer algo muy básico, pero como les comento tengo poca experiencia en Delphi y ninguna con UniGui, por lo que estoy aprendiendo sobre la marcha.  Los objetos en los que debo mostrar el mensaje son UniComboBox1UniDBDateTimePicker1.

    ¿Puede alguien ayudarme explicándome como puedo lograr esto?   (Un ejemplo sería muy útil)

    De antemano muchas Gracias


  3. Hello,

    I am relatively new programming in Delphi and totally new using UniGui. In the place where I work there is a web application developed with Delphi and UniGui. I have two objects inside a form, UniDBDateTimePicker1 and UniComboBox1. I need to show a message to the user when a value is entered to any of them, that is when the user types in a value and leaves the object.

    Can you help me understand how I can achieve this? An example would be very useful. I know this is very basic, but I'm learning as I go. I have been asked to make these changes and I do not have much experience with Delphi and no experience with UniGui. I develop in other languages and I know the foundations of Delphi (objects pascal)

    Thank you