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  1. Frederick

    How To Determine If Calendar Dropped Down Or Closed?

    Any help on the above?
  2. Frederick

    How To Determine If Calendar Dropped Down Or Closed?

    Hi Hayri, Delphi is throwing up the attached error at the following line:- JSAddListener('collapse', JSFunction('', 'ajaxRequest('#1', "collapse");')); datStarting is my control's name. P.S. When you refer to OnAjaxRequest event of the control, you are actually referring to OnAjaxEvent?
  3. Frederick

    How To Determine If Calendar Dropped Down Or Closed?

    Do you have example code?
  4. In design mode, I can change the colour of TUniHTMLMemo from say, clWindow to clLime using the Color property. However, when the project is run, the background remains at clWindow. Using the HTML codes of <body style="background-color:lime;"> ... </body> or <body bgcolor="lime"> ... </body> in the Lines property of the control does not seem to have an effect. How do I change the background colour of TUniHTMLMemo at runtime? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  5. I have a TUniMemo control where I insert several lines of text. Even when the ScrollBars property is set to ssNone, the control insists on showing vertical scroll bars when the text lines are close to the bottom edge of the control. Why does the control not respect the setting and how do I disable the showing of the scroll bars? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  6. When I set the TUniDBGrid's column title colour to clGreen during design time, the colour change is not shown. However, when I change the grid's column title's font colour to clWhite, the font colour immediately changes. Why does the font colour not follow the column title's background colour method whereby the colour change is only seen at runtime? This would allow me to see the column titles. Alternatively, the column title's background of clGreen should also immediately render when in design mode. As it is now, I have to set the font colour to clWindowtext and then change it to clWhite at runtime. With lots of grids in use, this requires unnecessary extra code. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  7. I have a TUniDBGrid control where the property for StripeRows is True. However, as you can see in the attached picture, there is no alternate colouring for the rows. As an additional question, how do I change the colour used for alternate rows to a darker or different colour. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  8. The grid's rows should be displayed like the attached picture.
  9. Frederick

    Setting TabStop To False At RunTime Has No Effect

    Thanks. I placed the code to set the TabStop property to the OnAfterShow event of the form and the control is skipped as expected.
  10. I am trying an alternative way to set focus to the TUniDBGrid with the following code:- UniSession.AddJS (FDbGrid.JSName + '. Focus ();'); as mentioned in topic http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13447-tunigrid-focus/&tab=comments#comment-71967 However, UniGUI reports an Ajax error. What is the proper syntax? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  11. I have a disabled TUniGroupBox where there is a TUniCheckBox within. When I call UniCheckBox1.Setfocus, the check box can still be set focused to. Worse, I can press the space bar to change its Checked property. Is this a bug? Note: I reported the same problem with a TUniDBEdit/TUniEdit control per topic http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13352-tunidbedittuniedit-can-be-programmatically-set-focused-to-even-when-groupbox-disabled/ and the problem is still unresolved in the current version of UniGUI. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  12. Frederick

    How To Change Background Colour Of TUniHTMLMemo?

    Thanks. This works as expected.
  13. I would like to select the entire text content of the TUniDBLookupComboBox when it is set focused to. Since there is no SelectOnFocus property, how do I do this? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  14. Frederick

    SelectOnFocus Property For TUniDBLookupComboBox

    Thanks. The code works. Are you planning to add a SelectOnFocus property for TUniDBLookupComboBox that can be set from the object inspector? BTW, are there SelectOnFocus equivalents for TUniDBDateTimePicker and TUniDateTimePicker?
  15. When the TUniDBCheckBox is focused, the box changes colour to indicate that it has focus. However, when I leave the control, the focused state indicator remains. How do I change it so that it is not in the focused state? When there are multiple TUniDBCheckBox controls, the sticky focused state is confusing to the user since it is not known which control has current focus. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  16. The post helps. Thanks.
  17. I have a TUniDBGrid with several database records. If I click in the section where the rows are, I can use the up and down arrow keys to move to each record. If I click outside the row area, but still within the grid control, the up and down arrow keys are ignored. Why does this happen? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  18. Frederick

    Cannot Use Arrow Keys If Clicked Outside Grid Rows

    Thanks. It works as expected now.
  19. Is it possible for the group box's caption to be shown normally (and not blurred) even when it is disabled? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  20. Hi Sherzod, Just a small thing. If the TUniGroupBox does not have a caption, calling the above code will throw an Ajax error. Is it possible for the code to recognize that there is no caption and act accordingly instead of displaying an error?