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  1. Артем

    UrlReferer Setup

    AND? This is not what I need. I do not need to read about this theory of sitting. I know that among the members of the forum there are those who have already set up this and ask to share experiences or examples.
  2. Артем

    UrlReferer Setup

    Hello! How use UrlReferer property? I want that users use not IP of my Server and use normal URL.
  3. Артем

    Selected column in UniDBGrid

    Perfect! Excellent! Thank you, @Sherzod
  4. Артем

    Selected column in UniDBGrid

    No, not in column header. I need get field name of column when click (or double click) in cell of column.
  5. Артем

    Selected column in UniDBGrid

    Hello! Need get field name of selected column in UniDBGrid at just moment, uses mouse. I mean, for example, in UniDBGrid exist Column='MyField' and when I making double click colomn, I must get name of select column. May be, exist something property as UniDBGrid.SelectedField (as in DBGridEh, from Ehlib components). Is it possible?
  6. Артем

    Translucent panel

    It's perfect!!!!! Cool! And is it possible apply this code not for UniPanel, and, fro example, to Form? (FreeForm)
  7. Артем

    Resize Component

  8. Артем

    Resize Component

    May be this is because I using UniSFBitBtn (SF Components)?
  9. Артем

    Translucent panel

    Yes. But not full, and partial...
  10. Артем

    Resize Component

    Not working for UniEdit or UniButton, for example...
  11. Артем

    Translucent panel

    Hello! Is it possible create translucent panel using UniPanel? I want the panel to be translucent and through it the main shape can be seen. Therefore, I ask, is it possible to make the translucent state of the panel using CSS or JavaScript?
  12. Hello! How change color (style) in UniScrollBox? Is it possible replace silver color on one color, grey color on two color and e.t.c...
  13. Артем

    UniMainModule.Background.Picture Runtime change

    Sorry...but, did user have right change background picture in UniMainModule.Background in server? Or every UniMainModule creating personal for every user and that's why user can change background?
  14. Артем

    Resize components Runtime

    Hello! How change height and width property of components in Runtime using mouse? I want resize components in Runtime using mouse, for example, UniButton1, UniEdit and e.t.c. Take one of component, for example, UniButton and, using mouse, change size of component. In short, we change the size with the mouse as well as expand the shape, for example, over the edges.
  15. Артем

    Positon Form

    Was write: procedure TUniForm1.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); begin Left:=0; Top:=Screen.WorkAreaHeight - Height - 120; end; and now normal... But why 120 - good, 45 - no.....I understand....