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  1. Thank You -- Walking back from isolated example to full code revealed a stupid oversight on my part. For those that need spaces, this works well for me as SherZod provided: 1. UniServerModule -> CustomCSS: .customSG .x-grid-cell-inner { white-space: pre; } 2. UniTreeView -> LayoutConfig -> Cls = customSG
  2. How about that? a simple mainform-only test case works! You get the spaces preserved. Now comes the fun - to trial and error my way between the isolated case and the full case. I will report back. Thank you sincerely, tonyM
  3. Thanks -- I see where you are going with the "pre" business. (ala <pre>) Your two steps are simple and clear -- but I did not see any change in the tree listing. If you are darn sure should work (in your experience) I will try it in an isolated test app. tonyM CC
  4. Alrighty, I changed my forum address from my standard development address to my formal corporate email account. This of course is not the registration address that the Seattle office used to purchase and register the product - It is my own account within the purchasing company ClearCycle of Seattle WA. I hope this works for everyone. tonyM
  5. Thanks - We are now official - we purchased and installed last week. As for the unitreenode text, I see now that the node.text contains the string as intended. So when I check unitreeview1.selected.text it might contain a string formatted like: Chk: 000012345 Seq_no: 45-56 But the browser (firefox or edge) displays: Chk: 000012345 Seq_no: 45-56 All text of all nodes are shown this way - spaces squished out. In another thread I got the idea that HTML interpretation may make it necessary to replace every space with &nbsp; I could do that religiously during the load, but I wouldn't be thrilled... If you come across an easier method please let us know. thanks, tonyM CC
  6. Whether added statically at design time or dynamically with xx.add() or xx.addchild() my pre-spaced text seems to be stripped of any multiple spaces - replacing them with one space. So a line like: rootnode.add(nil,''aaaa bbbb'); shows text: aaaa bbbb Our multi-level trees almost always require alignment of the many items that comprise the lines. Using a font like new courier and spaces lets us do that normally. Am I missing a simple way to avoid this stripping action? thanks, tonyM
  7. Hello, It's been a long time since I've been this excited about coding - UniGUI is amazing! I hope I can be a useful part of this growing community. So I am putting together a couple of demos to show our director next week (healthcare software developer, 20 employees - purchase imminent) Mostly I have ported over 2 ancient projects in record time that most thought were a lost cause. I have a question already about closing/not closing forms. For nice compatibility I have enablesynchronousoperations set to true. The code often displays a form with <otherform>.showmodal; The code nicely stops there and waits for the form to close. But without an onclosequery event that new form must determine if it is allowed to close in the onclose() handler and set action:=caNone if it should remain active. Here;s the rub, Setting action:=canone does indeed keep the form on top BUT The statements immediately past the original showmodal call are executed no matter what I set the action value to. This really reeks havoc where we use something like: if <otherform>.showmodal=mrOK begin //statements end else begin //statements end; These statements get hit while the form is still suppose to be in control and not yet closed. In short, I can set the action:=canone and it keeps the top form showing, but the calling code continues on past at that time - as if it had been closed. I have been working with unigui for all of a week so I bet this is a newbie question. Thanks, aem