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  1. \FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\Session List I'm having an error compiling this example, the error happens on line 107, SS.UnBusy; I'm using the latest version of unigui.
  2. How to change the mask of an Edit at run time?
  3. If you notice my system's nodes get stuck, look at the dates. Sometimes I update it often, I have to fix some bugs. soTerminateOnSession = False
  4. Do you have a forecast for when this will be resolved? Because I have several clients on a server and I'm overloaded, I don't know what to do anymore. Can someone help me?
  5. What problems did you have Wilton? I'm using version 1535 and I'm concerned now. Quais o problemas que voce teve Wilton? Estou usando a versão 1535 e fiquei preocupado agora.
  6. O problema é outro mesmo, as sessões ficam bloqueadas e o hyperserver não descarta elas.
  7. Não, essas sessões são de 31 de agosto, não há como elas ficarem ativas por tanto tempo! They were not discarded by the unigui, those of 31/08 have the status "Discarded", even so they got stuck, the reason I don't know
  8. I use firebird and there is a client with 30 active connections to firebird, the problem is that he hardly uses the system. I'm using version 1535 with Hiper Server + IIS
  9. He's in MainForm and I'm calling him in the frame, but the error
  10. I don't know if it's because I'm using files / js / jquery.mask.js files / js / jquery.mask.min.js
  11. I'm using the TUniSweetAlert component in a frame and it's giving the error: _rsov_(O42E,3);var sw;sw=swal({title:"Deseja cancelar a nota de número 77?",text:"",type:"question",width:480,padding:20,background:"",animation:true,allowOutsideClick:false,allowEscapeKey:false,showCancelButton:true,confirmButtonText:"Confirmar",cancelButtonText:"Cancelar",buttonsStyling:true,reverseButtons:false,focusCancel:false,showCloseButton:false,inputPlaceholder:"",inputValue:"",inputAutoTrim:true});sw.then(function(p){ajaxRequest(O443,"confirm",{input: (Ext.isString(p)?p:"")})},function(d){ajaxRequest(O443,"dismiss",{dismiss: d})}); What could it be? function TMainForm.Confirma(Mens, OK, Cancelar: String): Boolean; begin try result := False; SAConfirmar.CancelButtonText := Cancelar; SAConfirmar.ConfirmButtonText := Ok; SAConfirmar.Title := Mens; if SAConfirmar.Execute then result := True else result := False; except on e:exception do begin RelatorioErro(String(TUniFrame(Self).Name), 'TMainForm.Confirma', e.UnitName, e.ClassName, e.Message); end; end; end;
  12. UniEdit's OnExit is hindered when used with TUniSweetAlert. I have an edit and a code in the onexit event of that edit, if the edit does not have the data I want I send a message to the user through TUniSweetAlert and give an abort, after clicking on the ok of TUniSweetAlert the onexit event of edit is looped. An example of the code inside onexit: if edit.text = '' then begin edit.SetfFocus; SAPquestion.Execute; Abort; end;
  13. Yes it worked, explain the difference between onActivate, onShow and onReady? Because at the beginning I did the test on onShow and it didn't work.
  14. Example error C: \ Program Files (x86) \ FMSoft \ Framework \ uniGUI \ Demos \ Desktop \ GridGrouping - Dynamic When I leave the option UniDBGrid1.Grouping.Enabled: = False and I run the system then I try to enable grouping via code and it doesn't work, it simply does nothing. This error I had posted before.
  15. What is this soTerminateOnSession option for?
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