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  1. If you look at the video you will notice that the component accepts to enter an invalid date, accepts to enter it 03/11/2020123456789 See the year as it is. This only happens if the component is created at run time.
  2. Sorry for my insistence, but I couldn't get it to work, here is an example I did. DbGrid.rar
  3. I have an error when creating a TUniDateTimePicker at runtime, it lets me enter a date 11/1/2020123456789 I'm creating it this way: cDateTimePicker: = TUniDateTimePicker.Create (sbox); cDateTimePicker.Parent: = sbox; cDateTimePicker.TabStop: = True; cDateTimePicker.Name: = 'A' + formatfloat ('000', QryParametros1IFP_SEQ_PARAMETRO.asInteger); cDateTimePicker.Top: = TopTotal - 5; cDateTimePicker.Height: = Height; cDateTimePicker.Width: = SmallerWidth; cDateTimePicker.TabOrder: = _viOrder; cDateTimePicker.Font.Size: = Source; cDateTimePicker.ClearButton: = True; cDateTimePicker.Enabled: = (QryParametros1IFP_INATIVO.AsString <> 'S'); cDateTimePicker.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Add ( 'beforeInit = function beforeInit (sender, config)' # 13 # 10 '{' # 13 # 10 '// disable' + 'ar the tip that always' # 233 'shown when hovering over the' + 'ta)' # 13 # 10 'config.formatText =' # 39 # 39 ';' # 13 # 10 # 13 # 10 '// SET THE CORRECT DATE QUAND' + 'O TYPE WITHOUT O /' # 13 # 10 'config.altFormats = "dmY | d / m / Y | n / j / Y | n / j / y | m /' + 'j / y | n / d / y | m / j / Y | n / d / Y | dmy | dmY | d / m | dm | dm | dmy | dmY |' # 65279'd | Ymd | n- ' + 'j | n / j ";' # 13 # 10 '}'); Gravar_2020_11_01_10_34_51_469.mp4
  4. In this command can I pass which icon do I want to disable? UniDBGrid1.JSInterface.JSAssign ('isExcluded', [True]);
  5. I can't get it fixed on the grid I need to do this via code: if User.Exclude = False then False else true;
  6. Can I make the icon invisible? This via code, the form's onShow for example. I have a column with 3 icons, 1 = Preview 2 = Change 3 = Delete If my client is not allowed to delete I would like to make icon number 3 invisible, if he is not allowed to delete and change the record I have to disable icon number 2 and 3, you know?
  7. Via code how do I make an icon invisible? In the form show, I check if the user is allowed to delete the record, if he doesn't, I would like to make the icon invisible, as well as the other icons as well. The example you gave was based on a column value.
  8. Thank you, I'll put my doubt there ok !!
  9. Is it possible to make any button invisible? According to the user profile
  10. I'm using the grid's onClick, how can I use the OnColumnActionClick?
  11. Good morning, could someone help me please?
  12. I'm using the native component of the UniGridExcelExporter I'm using like this: UniDBGrid.Exporter.Exporter: = UniGridExcelExporter1; UniDBGrid.Exporter.Title: = Title; UniDBGrid.Exporter.IncludeGroups: = bIncludeGroups; UniDBGrid.Exporter.IncludeSummary: = bIncludeSummary; UniDBGrid.Exporter.Enabled: = True; UniDBGrid.Exporter.ExportGrid;
  13. Error when exporting grid to excel, Uso a versão var O6F2=new Object({type:"xlsx",mimeType:"application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet",title:"Movimentação do Caixa",fileName:"Export.xlsx"});O587.saveDocumentAs(O6F2);
  14. I have a similar problem, this time when I click on the grid's plus button to expand the line using dbgrid_RowExpand Gravar_2020_10_26_22_22_38_71.mp4
  15. Does anyone know the reason for the error? I use the newest version SigefWeb.dll: 00002CE8: 11:59:28 []:>--------------------------------------------------------------< SigefWeb.dll: 00002CE8: 11:59:28 []:Starting Server. Module Handle: 0000000000400000 SigefWeb.dll: 00002CE8: 11:59:28 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. SigefWeb.dll: 00002CE8: 11:59:28 [TUniHyperServer]:InitInterceptor SigefWeb.dll: 00002CE8: 11:59:28 [Transport.PoolSize]:516 SigefWeb.dll: 00002CE8: 12:01:06 [TUniHyperNode.Terminate]:Node #0 forcefully terminated. SigefWeb.dll: 00002CE8: 12:01:06 [PostInit]:Failed to initialize node: 0 SigefWeb.dll: 00002CE8: 12:01:06 []:Server Started. Module Handle: 0000000000400000 SigefWeb.dll: 0000258C: 12:01:18 [TUniHyperNode.Terminate]:Node #1 forcefully terminated. SigefWeb.dll: 0000258C: 12:01:18 [TUniHyperNodeManagerWorker]:Failed to initialize node: 1
  16. Once again I thank you very much for your help, thank you very much !!
  17. = 300 Você pode remover a linha acima. Não é mais usado. recycle_after_idle_seconds = 0 Para a linha acima, defina-o para o valor máximo permitido para uma sessão permanecer inativa. Por exemplo, 15 minutos (15x60 = 900 segundos)? Depende do design do seu aplicativo. Qual é a quantidade máxima de tempo em que um nó pode ficar ocioso? Defina-o com esse valor e o HyperServer destruirá esse nó se permanecer inativo por mais do que esse período. I will use the recycle_after_idle_seconds = 900 option because my session limit is 10 minutes. Is it okay if I leave this option recycle_after_idle_secs ?? I have to remove from several files there if it is not a problem for me it would be better.
  18. Am I using the standard, is it correct or can I improve in some way? [node_recycling] enabled=1 recycle_after_secs=3600 recycle_after_sessions=0 recycle_after_idle_secs=300 recycle_when_empty=1 recycle_after_idle_seconds=0
  19. I'm sorry, I didn't notice that the image is distorted when you enlarge it, Where do I set this recycle_after_idle_seconds parameter?
  20. Good Morning, I still have the problem of blocking sessions in my unigui, I am using version 1537 as seen in image 2. See in image 1 that I selected an executable and it is not using the 0% CPU, I clicked with the right mouse button to find out which folder it was part of, after that in image 2 we can see that there are sessions stuck to more than 10 hours. I was able to find out that in case an error occurs in the system and the unigui does not manage to show this error and hangs the session, it gets stuck. I was generating a report and it gave some error that it did not show in my error handling, I closed the browser roughly and opened a new system tab, I did it last night for 2 times, after that I stayed with this session Node id = 0 and 1 prey. See that I open the list of sessions and it is empty. The problem is that the memory consumption of my server is very high and the firebird process is never closed, it is always increasing, see in image 2 how the firebird has high memory consumption. In image 5 we can see how the machine is working.
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