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  1. I have several routines, cancellation, deletion and etc. just do the test with the example that I send and see that it gives error when passing through this line ClientDataSet1.Bookmark: = dd.SelectedRows [I];
  2. I put a sleep just to simulate a code execution that takes a little longer.
  3. Are you talking about the project I sent? Or in my project? I was using version 1537 of unigui and this week I migrated to the latest version and after that started to give these errors
  4. Please, someone give me a solution to my problem, after I upgraded to version 1547 several errors started to appear and this is one of them, I have several routines that I use this way and all are with errors
  5. When I perform a loop where I have checkboxes in dbgrid, I randomly get an error in the line ClientDataSet1.Bookmark: = dd.SelectedRows [I]; I am attaching an example, just check all the grid options and click on the "Test" button and wait for the error to happen. This is urgent, my project uses this option a lot! UniGui - DbGrid Slelecao.rar
  6. TFrameInicialPrestador(MainForm.FindComponent('FrameInicialPrestador')).TimerAtualizacaoPrestador.Enabled := True;
  7. great, it worked perfectly. Thank you very much!!
  8. An example is attached Unigui - Video.rar
  9. Quando eu reproduzo um vídeo no UniHTMLFrame, um ícone com 3 pontos aparece e ao clicar nesse ícone, há uma opção para baixar o vídeo, como posso desabilitar essa opção?
  10. I wanted to open popupmenu in UniCalendarPanel only when an event exists and is clicked on. CalendarPanel.rar
  11. I wanted to use this example but I'm using the calendar inside a frame and I can't get the right mouse button to work, what procedure can I do? I wanted to use this example but I'm using the calendar inside a frame and I can't get the right mouse button to work, what procedure can I do?
  12. I have an application that is using IIS + HyperServer and I would like to get a post command that will be sent to that application. I'm using the UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand inside the TUniServerModule, I did a test and I'm not able to catch the event, if I use my application as StandAlone it will be normal. I'm using Postman to generate this Post through the url: http: // MeuIP: 8081 / managenet_notificacao / teste / 23 / card
  13. Do you intend to sell this solution?
  14. Did you convert Fast to unigui?
  15. The zero node is it reserved for hyperserve only? Does this property here "NodeZero" indicate that the node is zero?
  16. I just wanted to run this JavaScript there, I don't know how to get the result from it. I haven't created a test case yet because I don't know how to do it. I created it with the extension .html to open it in the browser, if you open it, you will see that the console has a return (see image) so I wanted to get this return
  17. Tell me what details do you need?
  18. This is a javascript code where I need to pass a customer's card details and the website will have to send me a token. I need to generate this token and then send the purchase data
  19. I have an html page and I would like to get the result of it, how can this be done? gerencianet.html
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