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  1. But what am I going to research on?
  2. What would these settings be? I'm using chrome Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official version) 64 bits and it doesn't work, in Firefox using version 89.0 (64-bits) it works normal
  3. If I access the project from my cell phone, the pdf downloads but it doesn't show on the screen. I got the demo and it looks the same. Demos: C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\FastReport C: \ Program Files (x86) \ FMSoft \ Framework \ uniGUI \ Demos \ Desktop \ FastReport - Dynamic
  4. When I put the browser in cellular mode, my report does not appear, what would be the reason? On-screen colors are just for visualizing where the components are on the screen. I am using UniURLFrame to view the report.
  5. I have a table with a compound key and I wanted to select it through a combobox. But when I have the record with the same code it doesn't show correctly. How could you make that selection? Example: Agency Table Agency_ID = 0001 Banco_ID = 104 Agency_ID = 0001 Banco_ID = 001
  6. removed the code that was in some MainModule and ServerModule events UniGUIMainModuleBrowserClose UniGUIMainModuleSessionTimeout UniGUIServerModuleDestroy
  7. TFrameInicialPrestador(MainForm.FindComponent('FrameInicialPrestador')).TimerAtualizacaoPrestador.Enabled := True;
  8. so do you think this could be an ajax event that you have on my system?
  9. At the time how so? Do you talk about the uniTimer component?
  10. Unfortunately it happens randomly and I don't know how to reproduce or where the error occurs
  11. I can't identify where this error happens "There is no Default JavaScript Object"
  12. After farshad remote access, we were able to identify the problem and it was resolved
  13. Application gets stuck I am using IIS + Hyperserver and even if I stop polling my system applications, the application is still stuck with several running processes. See the attached image. How can I resolve this situation?
  14. can you show me an example? I do a lot this way, I don't know if it's correct. DataSet.Edit; DataSet.FieldByName ('FIELD'). AsString: = 'Value'; DataSet.Post; DataSet.ApplyUpdate (0); DataSet.RefreshRecord; dbgrid.RefreshCurrentRow ();
  15. Unfortunately I do not know what they are doing, I asked if there is an error and they report that it is not.
  16. This error is happening a lot after updating to version Event: click, Object: O8BB not found in session list. It could be timed out, refresh page and try again Event: click, Object: O1690 not found in session list. It could be timed out, refresh page and try again Event: click, Object: O747A not found in session list. It could be timed out, refresh page and try again All my clients have similar errors and I don't know what it can be.
  17. Sorry, I didn't understand the translation of what would be "grid is dirty"
  18. This error is old and they have never been able to correct it.
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