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  1. Columns are created dynamically. When one column.readonly set to true ,all other columns both readonly too . col := self.UniDBGrid1.Columns.Add; col.FieldName := 'Name'; col.Width := 120; col.ReadOnly := true; col.Title.Caption := 'Name'; UniDBGridTest1.zip
  2. zhyhero

    ShutDown previous runnings automatically

    just an idea. 1.get you app's PID 2 find same exename process's PIDs 3 kill PIDs all.......
  3. As the gif showed, unicombobox do not draw fontawesone icon in text area. How to draw or show it ? (the testcase use fontawesone4.7.) FontAwesome47.zip
  4. Thanks, it worked.
  5. Thanks Sherzod ,I will try this on next morning (my time zone).
  6. Ticket opened. http://jira.fmsoft.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/4/FSD-2221
  7. zhyhero

    Rows with different color

  8. zhyhero

    popup form

    you need create form procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); var x: TUniform1; begin x := TUniform1.Create(Uniapplication); x.Parent := self.UniTabSheet2; x.Show; end;
  9. zhyhero

    popup form

  10. zhyhero

    Support Delphi 10.4

    10.4 removed ARC ,this may means a lot of codes need to check.......
  11. zhyhero

    Sometimes do not return to the MainForm

    About call subform, I create it dynamically and show it with callback procedure mainform openbutton event fsubform:=Tsubform.create(uniapplication); fsubform.show(callback); // or showmodal(callback) you need a callback procedure in mainform like procedure mainform.callback(sender:Tcomponent;aResult:integer); begin if aResult=mrYes then {do something}; //if sender is TSubform then TSubform(sender).something; end; in subform ,you can close subform with code modalresult:=mrYes; {or mrNo,mrCancel ..} the execute process is: mainform.buttonclick--->subform.create----->subform.show(callback)---->subform.someevent------>subform.modalresult(maybe write in buttonclick)----->mainform.callback And no need to enable or disable mainform buttons in subform,do this with callback. I hope this will help you.
  12. zhyhero

    TUniFrameClass in UniTabSheet

    define an unique frame.name for you every single frame ,something like TunivehicleMain_1,TunivehicleMain_2, make every singgle frame's name diffrent and unique.
  13. I want to set the unicheckbox.fieldlabel's color. What can i do ?
  14. single month in one row , and date click event.
  15. zhyhero

    UniComboBox - remote query with fixed list

    Try ajaxRequest. UniCombobox -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> beforeselect : function beforeselect(combo, record, index, eOpts) { ajaxRequest(combo,'bselect',['index='+index]); } UniCombobox -> OnAjaxEvent : procedure TMainForm.UniComboBoxAjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); begin if SameText(EventName,'bselect') then begin self.ShowToast(Params.Values['index']); end; end;
  16. I am testing something in scene of dynamic create Frame/Form . As a rule, in one From or Form , we can call jscode ajaxRequest(sender,"method",[{Params}] ); , and respond to delphi procedure AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); . sender ==> Ext.getCmp("id"), id ==> sender.id (jscode) . id of Frame ==> frame.FormRegion.JsId; (pascalcode) . if we pass id of target Frame to source Form , then we can call target frame's method by begin self.unisession.addjs('ajaxRequest(Ext.getCmp("id"),"Method",[{params}])'); end; in source Form . same thing with Frame and Frame. id of Form ,I can't get , (but we have form.show(callbackproc) and form.showmodal(callbackproc) ). So, how to get the JsId of a UniForm ?
  17. zhyhero

    [question] how to get the JsId of a UniForm ?

    thank you, Sherzod . I will try this .
  18. zhyhero

    Using NGINX with Unigui

    probably proxy_redirect off;
  19. zhyhero

    pass values dbgrid to frame rowexpand

    rowexpand aframe:=taframe. create(container); aframe. x:=2019; aframe. aprocedure(2019); rowcontrol:=aframe;
  20. hello. I want to make checkboxes disable , readonly or invisable in red box area, checkbox is set column.checkboxfield.enabled=true. Any idea?
  21. Temporary,I do this with DBTreeGird and DBGrid.
  22. zhyhero

    invalid session or session timeout default page

    Sorry, ignore this
  23. testcase -> CheckBoxesInDbTreeGrid.zip new img
  24. I have a ActionColumn (Unidbgrid) with 3 Buttons (Id 0,1,2). When meet the condition 1 ,Button 0 and Button 1 show ,Button 2 hide. When meet the condition 2, Button 0 and Button 2 hide,Button 1 show. when meet the condition 3, Button 0 and Button 1 hide, Button 2,show. What can I do ?
  25. 19001504 Project Demo "Grid - ActionColumn" *There 55 records in dataset. Set UniDBGrid.Options.dgDontShowSelected:=true; this is the reason. and dgRowNumbers=true ,only for show RecNo ,not the reason click pervpage nextpage button then.......