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  1. Hello,

    I have a problem with uniGUI on iOS when I load the web application in a TWebBrowser component in an FMX app.
    In the FMX app there is only a client aligned web browser.
    In the uniGUI app there is a colored panel with alBottom.
    In the FMX app on Android it looks good.
    In Safari browser on iOS it is also good.
    But when I load it in the FMX app on iOS then the bottom of the alBottom panel is missing. If I rotate the phone to landscape orientation then it is OK, if I rotate back to portrait then it is missing again.

    uniGUI version: Professional Edition

    Any idea?

  2. OK, I saw that not the grid sorts the rows. The dataset behind that does it, so the OverIndex is the dataset row index too.

    But. Is there another type of drop? Now there is a green line between the destination grid's rows. In this case if I drop something on a row then it can give me 2 indexes: the right row index and the next row index depends on the green line's position. In my case I don't want to move/copy rows from one grid to another, I want to "assign" rows from the source grid to one row of the destination grid. I don't need the green line and I want one overindex independently of the drop position on one destination row.

    Is there a solution to this?

  3. Thank you!

    I could download and check it. It is not that I exactly thought. What happens if the grid is sorted not by the index column or the dataset is not a memory table.

    Isn't there a simple way to locate the dataset according to a grid row index? Or get a column value in an arbitrary grid row (for example a table ID: grid.rows[roeIndex].columnByFieldname('TABLE_ID').value)?

  4. Hello,

    I checked the demo and found the DropRowsEvent event. I get all info about the selected rows of the source grid and just the OverIndex of the destination grid. How can I get the dataset row of that destination grid row? I must know the data of the row on which the source rows were dropped.

    I found this topic, but I cannot download the answer project: 


    And another question. Is there a possibility to get the column on which the source rows were dropped?


    unigui version: professional

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